dylan hatten Profile

Dylan is a High Ticket Closer for 2 of the biggest influencers in Personal Development in the U.K

He started off his sales journey at the age of 14, buying and selling mobile phones as well as starting a clothing brand, in his home country of Zimbabwe

Due to the lack of opportunities and employment in Zimbabwe, Dylan quickly learned that the ability to negotiate and persuade allowed him to make a great income by being a 'middleman' between businesses and their clients

Fast forward 10 years, He is still working in sales till this day, having racked on experience by selling everything he could from closing for various companies including Fortune 500 Giants, finance houses, all the way to broadband and IT equipment.

As Dylan works in the Personal Development Industry, he gets up to date access to new tips and strategies which always keeps his (and your) closing teeth sharp!

He is Young, Hungry and delivers results! Why not learn from someone on the inside?