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Empowering lives for positive change.


Dwayne struggled in many areas of his life, due to an abusive childhood and witnessing his mother being sent to prison, which led to him being placed in the Care System.

Unfortunately, this resulted in him becoming a menace to society, as he found negative role models on the streets, influencing him into a life of drugs and crime. Dwayne suffered several knife attacks and horrific, near death experiences, as well as spending half his life in prison, until, one day, whilst in his prison cell, he tapped into the power within himself and had a spiritual awakening that was to change his life forever.

He discovered his unconditional, authentic self and started to love himself and the rest of humanity. Dwayne always believed he had a calling in life to use his past experiences as his life's purpose, by empowering people from deprived areas with complex needs.

Today, Dwayne is transforming lives in a supernatural way. Offering tools and strategies to create a life of no limitations and inner freedom, he helps people to discover their identity, gain inner strength, find their own life purpose and create a brighter future, in the same way as he did. He empowers his clients with his own, powerful energy that sets them on fire with a burning desire to become the best possible version of themselves.

He firmly believes that we create our own reality, through our thoughts and emotions, hence why he focuses on the internal conditions that create our external reality.

Dwayne lives in Buckinghamshire UK with his wife, Melanie. Melanie also came from a violent and unstable background and, when they first met, they began a volatile and toxic relationship, repeating the history of what they had both witnessed in childhood. However, they managed to miraculously heal themselves; their relationship survived and they now work together, inspiring and empowering others with their story.

For more information on Dwayne, visit www.roadlight.co.uk.