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Deniz was born in a small country side in Russia. Her mother was growing up her and her brother alone with 100$ income in a month. Her father was an alcoholic. She had an awful childhood where father was beating mother and his children all the time. One day she decided to STOP all of this and gone to another country. She had her own business since she was 21. She was living in 3 different countries and now she is living in one of the richest city in the world called LONDON.
She is twice fire-walker. (Walking on burning charcoal bare feet)

She passed 6 seminars of Tony Robbins including leadership academy and finished Psychological University in Russia as well. Now she has her own business in real estate and her mission is to help people to get an outstanding life and share her knowledge with as much people as she can reach.

In this video program you will get exact steps how to overcome a depression, anxiety, to achieve your targets, to overcome mental and physical fears and limited believes. And as a result to get an outstanding life, to make the dreams come true by doing what you love, have a relationship you deserve and just be in love with YOURSELF...

Having dealt with Depression, anxiety, fears and limiting belief's