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Dan came from humble beginnings in China. Upon arrival in Canada, at the age of fourteen, he had no money or contacts and could not speak English.

When he was sixteen, his parents divorced and his mother struggled financially. Dan decided to put school aside to assist his mother by practising the basic principles of business and life.

After thirteen failed businesses, Dan finally achieved the success he desired. He has since built many successful businesses and is now a self-made, multi-millionaire, thanks to his uncanny ability to increase sales, multiply profits and build world-class teams. He is the founder of the High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program, a global movement of men and women from over one hundred countries, who have helped businesses close tens of millions of dollars in high-ticket offers.

Dan has founded or partnered in more than fifteen companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, education, and e-commerce. His companies have combined, annual sales of more than $20 million a year. He has one on the fastest-growing channels on YouTube and is rapidly becoming one of the largest, social media influencers in the business world.

As the host of the Shoulders of Titans™ show on iTunes, Dan is in the unique position of being able to sit down with many of today’s top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs and business leaders, to uncover and share the secrets behind their extraordinary success.
He also hosts the popular, daily podcast, High-Ticket Sales Secrets™, where he shares insights on helping consultants, coaches, speakers and thought leaders on how to enter the real estate space and master the art of high-ticket selling. He also shares his ups and downs of running his seven-figure consulting business.

With nearly 1,700 members, he operates one of the largest, entrepreneurial communities in Canada called the Vancouver Entrepreneurs’ Group.

Dan is a two times TEDx opening speaker and has shared stages with many industry leaders, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and many others. He is also an international, best-selling author of twelve books, including ‘F.U. Money: Make as Much Money as You Damn Well Want and Live Your Life as You Damn Well Please!’ and his latest publication, ‘Influence: 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use To Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect’.

Not content to simply retire and enjoy the rewards of his labour, Dan finds helping other people achieve success in life and business one of the most rewarding activities he engages in.

For more information about Dan, visit www.danlok.com.