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Your Natural Ability - with NLP in Mind

Cressida Mudaliar is a certified International NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy Trainer and Coach. Training and Coaching people to let go of what is holding them back, to master their emotions, embrace their uniqueness, improve and balance their lives. Originally from Southern Africa and living in the United Kingdom.

Now because of my journey of Human Mindset and psychology learning powerful tools and techniques to master mindset and emotions, this has lead me to combine my knowledge and become an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner which is gentle in facilitating clients old stagnant traumas in completeing and allowing their natural positive emotional states to surface again.

My passion has been drawn from my own personal experiences from feeling stuck, unresourceful and unsupported to my inner knowing of my own ability to creating a fulfilling and well-balanced life that I love.

In today's Society I have noticed how we are living in a place where emotions creates a domino effect mentally, physically and psychologically, so by addressing this; awareness allows us to take our power back and be in charge of our own state at any given time and be okay with how we feel and the choice in how we can move forward instead.

My Aha moment in life of doing something NOW rather than "If only I had"..... or even worse " I should have but now I can't" is what helped me step out of my comfort zone and acknowledge my natural abilities to assist others who too feel stuck and unfulfilled in their lives.

When we acknowledge and release emotions on past experiences we tend to get more clarity and realise there are other possible experiences to be had and suddenly a door opens and we have awareness of more opportunities in our life we perhaps did not notice before.