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Transformation Of Self

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Clésia Mendes is a speaker and coach who started her first business at the age of nineteen and has worked in the banking industry for over a decade. She has created her own, YouTube series, has also had her own, popular radio show and appeared on the ITV Show ‘The X Factor’.

Clésia has heavily invested in the study of personal development for over twenty-one years, including the reading of numerous, self-help books and attending many conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. She has been mentored by the top experts in the self-development field. She has walked on fire, bent arrows and run marathons, as well as studied the Silva Method, Massage Therapy and The Bars®.

Clésia’s life dramatically changed after a breakup with a romantic partner turned her world upside down and sent her into an emotional tailspin. Finding it impossible to move on with life, she turned to a Transformational Coach for advice, who told her about the Single Paradigm and how the experience of life truly works.

From that moment on, Clésia felt new hope and embarked on a new, inner journey of the transformation of Self. Over the last two years, her life has changed dramatically and she now feels a deep sense of inner peace, freedom and connection with herself. She has gone on to create joint ventures with international contacts, from countries such as Portugal, USA, Canada and Brazil, to name a few. She also started her YouTube interview series, ‘Womanhood from the Inside Out’ and recently attended a Business Bootcamp, with a famous, New York Times, bestselling author, to learn how to be a successful writer.

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