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carla jansen van rosendaal

Become Your Best Quantum Self by Using The Power Of Thought And Your Heart To Take Full Leadership In Creating Your Live

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal has had a lot of challenges in life like sexual abuse, suïcide attempt, temporarily in a wheelchair and years of being disabled, single mom with 2 kids with autism and ADHD and 3x a burn-out. Her life seemed to be one of just surviving.
When she started to get into her third burn-out she decided that she needed more then “rest and taking time off”. She used her knowledge from 20 years of being a nurse in The Netherlands and the USA, together with her experience as a Bio-Energetic Psycho-analytic Therapist and started to look very deep into her mirror again. Together with the use of Heartcoherence she made it out of her burn-out within 4 months. Up till today she can handle her big challenges easy and well.
Everything she learned (and encountered) during life and lots of specialized education, she puts into her coaching. She coaches from the heart but will use the mirror with her clients because only when you start looking in there an accept what you see, you will be able to grow and become the best known version of yourself. She does that the real Dutch way: straigh forward, open and honest with a soft heart.
She loves to see the possibilities in every "hard situation" because she believes she invited them herself so she could learn from them. That is the law of attraction, thats how the Universe works.
So, if you want to learn how to live your best Quantum Life, use the expertise of Carla to get you there.
She uses Heartcoherence Coaching and Being in Balance Coaching, both can be done digital, all over the world (Science and Quantum Technology).
Being in Balance Coaching is the quickest and most deeply, most objective way of coaching. By using the most innovative equipment (also used for astronauts) to measure the energy of the whole body, from all the organs till DNA-level and relate that to all the beliefs you still have. Believes that are in your way to become your best version. You will be totally surprised that this is even possible. Measuring is knowing is being sure.