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Helping clients to achieve balance and get more done in less time.


A former Accountancy and Business Studies student at Exeter University, Carl went on to become a senior auditor at KPMG and, following that, was the Group Finance Director at the Quantum Clothing Group for over twenty years. He then formed his own company, Productivity Powerhouse, which provides specific strategies that help people to increase their productivity and get the most out of every minute of the day.

Carl is passionate about training his clients in organisation, tracking and time spend measurement. He offers innovative solutions to help clients focus on their business priorities, providing online courses, 1:1 mentoring and live workshops, as well as offering his unique software, Daily Life Tracker, that he created himself. Carl firmly believes that this software is the only tool you will ever need to manage your life, helping you to embed the key principles he teaches in a very quick and simple way.

Carl mentors many small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers on all aspects of their productivity. He thoroughly enjoys showing people simple techniques to achieve increased focus, lower stress levels and help them to get more done in less time. This has a positive impact on the team, work environment and overall success of the business.

A published author, Carl has written 'Sweat the Small Stuff', a book specifically targeted towards busy and stressed-out entrepreneurs, business owners and managers. It illustrates the concept of the Five Pillars of managing their business and personal life and focuses on habit formation, time tracking, balance, life management and taking control.

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