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Build A Successful Business and Property Portfolio That Gives You Financial And Time Freedom

Calum is a #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur, international speaker and property investor with 30+ years experience in business and property investment.

Calum is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help people like you succeed and become financially free from turning your passions in to profit and investing your profits into property for passive income, profit and wealth building.

You don't need a lot of money, knowledge or experience to start. You do need the right mindset, desire, formula and support to succeed. The Business Success Insider Formula and Property Success Insider Formula are tried and tested, easy to follow and implement step by step systems.

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Calum is a Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Property Investor.

Calum realised from a young age that he wanted to be a successful and wealthy entrepreneur and have the freedom to live life on his own terms.

Calum was born and grew up on small remote island and grew up in humble conditions with a challenging childhood, Calum began his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of just 12 years old. Many weeks, whilst still at school, he was earning more money in his spare time than a lot of adults were. By the time he left school he had saved and accumulated more money than most adults had at that time. He was doing all the right things instinctively without even knowing the word entrepreneur existed or what it meant. He also learned the power of the compound effect from saving his money and seeing it grow from the high interest rates in the 1980's.

After leaving school Calum made the mistake of trying to fit in to the model that the education system and society typically teaches people to follow. He got a job, worked hard, bought liabilities such as cars, etc. to discover that the model we are taught by the formal education and encouraged to follow by society is a broken model full of myths, traps and lies. He also discovered through experience that it was leaving large numbers of people feeling lost, unfulfilled and retiring in poverty.

Calum destroyed his health at the young age of 23 through selling his time for money and working a crazy number of hours each day for years as a self employed entrepreneur in the pursuit of success. Whilst he had accumulated success and things looked good from the outside looking in, Calum's was empty on the inside and was unable to work and had to take time out and spend most of his wealth that he had accumulated to survive and recover.

At the age of 26 Calum made the decision to go to university as a mature student and obtain further knowledge and a degree. He graduated with a BSc with distinction, got a well paid managerial position only to discover that knowledge learned in formal education was not the key to success either. A formal education will make you a living, but self education has the potential to make you a fortune. Calum also learned that being an employee comes with a heavy price tag, particularly for an entrepreneur. It robs you of your freedom and destroys your soul to be building someone else's dreams, whilst ignoring and losing sight of your own. Each time Calum spent working as an employee, it cost him more to recover than the total of his earnings. Most people think they cannot afford to leave their employment. Maybe a better question is, can you afford to keep being an employee! We can either pay now or in the future. Its always important to remember that time is our most valuable asset and we all have greatness within us.

During Calum's periods of recovery from employment, their was one thing that kept him afloat, which was his property investments, which is why he is so passionate about business and property.

After recovering, Calum resurrected his business, bought further businesses and started investing in his personal development by attending seminars and hiring coaches and mentors. This led to personal and professional growth, which allowed Calum to achieve the results that he was looking for. Most people make the mistake of trying to become successful on their own. The problem is we don't know what we don't know! Its much quicker and easier to model success by getting the recipes and adding our own flavour.

Today Calum is a best selling author, international professional speaker, entrepreneur and property investor with a passion for sharing the his knowledge, expertise and key principles and insider secrets on how to build a business that turns your passions in to profit and how to invest the profits in to property for passive income, profit and wealth generation. Calum strongly believes in having a business based on your passions that works for you and having money work for you rather than the other way around.

Calum is all about creating a life of passion, purpose, fulfilment, success and freedom to live life on your terms, building your dreams and future and not someone else's.

Calum strongly believes that we all have genius within us. The world needs your genius right now more than ever before. Its time for you to unleash your genius and deliver exceptional value products and services to others and receive the reward in return for sharing your genius. The bigger the problems you can solve with your solutions and expertise, the bigger the reward. The good news is there has never been more opportunities and it has never been easier to build a business that provides a solution to these problems.

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