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Helping people achieve their goals through experiential learning.


Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

Secret Of Time Part 2 By Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Business
11 E-classes36:55Beginner Level

Double productivity, be stress-free and banish the illusion of lack of time forever!

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Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

Secret Of Time By Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Business
12 E-classes38:06Beginner Level

Eliminate procrastination, interruptions and distractions to become instantly more productive.

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Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

DISC Personality by Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Relationships
15 E-classes52:14Beginner Level

Understanding personality types to persuade, motivate and inspire others.

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Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

Love Dialects by Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Relationships
22 E-classes01:25:21Beginner Level

Discover the dialects of your partner, family, friends and colleagues to unlock their hidden desires!

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Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

Social Smartness by Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Self Development
14 E-classes01:13:44Beginner Level

Establish your personality type and learn how to interact with others more successfully.

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Last updated: 05/2019$99.99

The Secrets Of Habits By Bogdan Vaida

Top Coursein Business
10 E-classes30:05Beginner Level

A practical, easy-to-implement system for building long-lasting, healthy habits.

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Bogdan Vaida is an experiential trainer and author from Timis County, Romania, who travels the globe teaching a variety of different subjects, from time management to personality typologies. In addition to this, he trains people to become their own teachers.

Bogdan also manages his own, online education platform, which has attracted over 7,000 students from many countries around the world.

Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Bogdan started out as a trainer in 2009, using extremely old, PowerPoint presentations. Luckily for his audiences, two years later, he switched to experiential training and learning by doing, methodologies that he includes in all of his training courses.

Experiential training is a revolutionary, educational methodology that provides results to groups of students similar to results usually seen only in one-on-one coaching. Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, participants have said that Bogdan has helped them to get their own, ‘insanely practical insights’.

Bogdan is the founder of the Ècoala Alfa (Alpha School), a place where three, key elements meet – the awareness of why you act the way you do, the Circle of Trust and actionable, ‘AHA!’ moments. It is a non-formal, educational environment that gets you from where you are to where you don’t even realise you want to be.

In 2015, Bogdan founded Toastmasters Entrepreneurs Timi?oara, an organisation which is targeted to entrepreneurs in his local community and is affiliated with Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development with over 332,000 members. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up their global network of meeting locations.

Bogdan has also written several books, such as ‘Personality Boost: Develop your strengths and tackle your weaknesses using DISC, a world renowned behaviour test’ and ‘Lifespirational: Lessons Drawn From Inspirational Stories’.

For more information on Bogdan, visit www.vaidabogdan.com.

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