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Applied Psychometric Awareness By Andy Edwards

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Skills to sell, influence and build more successful relationships.

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Andy Edwards is an inspiring and popular speaker and business growth consultant. He specialises in business relationship-building, understanding others, leadership, attitude, motivation and team-building. He is often referred to as ‘The Relationshipologist’ and is the founder of ‘Re£ationomic$’ (creating tangible value from business relationships).

With a strong sales and marketing background, Andy extensively studied Behavioural Psychology at Bournemouth University; he has a top qualification in Coaching and runs his own consultancy, Nine 5 Three Ltd (taking its name from the number of months you can expect to be alive!). As a business growth consultant, he helps business owners to increase turnover by at least 46% - and often much more. Andy has also written a number of self-published and E-books, including the title “I’ve Upped My Sales – Up Yours!” and regularly contributes to national magazines, journals and guest blogs. He also has two radio slots.

Andy runs events all over the world and is a sought-after keynote speaker, masterclass presenter, trainer and coach. He speaks, trains, consults and coaches many, well-known, global organisations, such as Sony, JP Morgan, The Highways Agency and Stannah, to name a few, and is represented by some of the UK’s top speaker agencies. He is known for his motivational, engaging and thought-provoking talks and is regularly voted ‘Best Speaker’ at conferences.

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Applied Psychometric Awareness September 22nd, 2017
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