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Awaken Your Soul Pathway and Shift from Self to Soul!


Andy uses 'The Hero's Journey', a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar, Joseph Campbell, that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual and psychological development, as a guide and tool to assist people in their personal transformation. He helps people to shift from old conditions and behaviours to new ways of living and being, so they can live in alignment with who they are. He also helps people to gain a deeper understanding of their inner world, in order to help them transform their outer world, connect with their soul and awaken their Soul Pathway.

Once this has been done, people are able to gain a greater understanding of who they are, which allows them to create the greater shifts and changes in their lives as they raise their consciousness and shift from their old Selves to connecting and living from their Souls instead.

Andy has also developed a phone app entitled 'Awaken Your Soul Pathway, which is available on iPhone and Android. This app allows you to explore your own Soul Pathway in the comfort of your own home, whilst Andy guides you on your own journey.

Over the best part of ten years, Andy has been exploring his own journey towards purpose and transformation, which has incorporated learning from many great teachers, such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Wayne Dyer and influences much of the work he does today.

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