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Create dynamic, thriving, sustainable business solutions within an unstable world.
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Alice Bromage is a performance and business coach, who is passionate about wildlife, adventure, travel, property investment and enabling people to excel. She focuses on helping clients to develop their business, and themselves, so that they can achieve financial freedom, as well as personal, professional and financial resilience.

Alice was brought up by inspiring entrepreneurs, experiencing the highs and lows, the dedication needed to succeed and how to retain the drive and energy required to realise your dreams, without experiencing burnout.

She has over twenty years’ experience working within the British military, developing and leading high-performance teams and individuals across the globe, of all ages and cultures. She has a passion for helping people to develop their business plans to enable them to achieve the financial freedom they aspire to. Over the years, she has helped people raise funds for projects and businesses from £500 to £5 million.

Since 2001, Alice has been developing and running her own property portfolio, in conjunction with working in various, full-time jobs in the Defence sector. Her longest-running position was working as Operational Risk and Team Manager, where her main responsibility was to run small teams of analysts around the world for a variety of UK Government and multinational organisations. She also worked for two years as Business Development and Change Manager for the British Government, until 2016 when she changed roles to work for Hawksley International on bespoke, specialist projects. She also completed an MBA in 2013.

Alongside that, Alice set up her own consultancy service called ‘Empowering Success’. Having been fortunate enough to work with and meet many, amazing people, Alice recognised a trait in highly talented individuals that they were not ‘achieving’ as much as they had aspired to in their lives, either personally, professionally or both. With a natural flair for helping people develop their financial acumen, Alice decided to combine the two and start business coaching, with an emphasis on ‘getting you and your business to flourish’!

Her speciality is helping companies develop solutions to strategic issues and coaching them through the change process as they are delivered at operational and tactical levels. She is also adept at translating the output of technically skilled individuals to ensure products are tailored to specific decision makers' needs.

Alice also has a keen interest in wildlife and volunteers as a coach, mentor and fundraiser for the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa, a fantastic group of driven women who work to protect African wildlife. She provides them with ongoing support, including leadership, management and motivational training and regularly works on-location with them for weeks at a time.

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