YouTube Affiliation Marketing
By Howard Lynch

Become an Affiliate Marketer and generate commissions on YouTube.

Beginner Level
Created by Howard Lynch
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

15 E-classes
15 E-classes
Hand Picking Killer Products
Gathering Profitable Videos URL
Proven To Convert Enquiry Template
Creating Your Profitable Channel Videos
Registering Your Domain Name
YouTube Affiliate Quiz Eclasses 1-6
Setting Up Your Hosting
Setting Up Your Autoresponder
Copy And Pasting Sales Material
Follow Up Emails Deep Sequences
Bonding With Your New Email List
Send Related Offers Backend Profits
YouTube Affiliate Quiz Eclasses 7-12
Supercharge Results With Bonus Page

Course Description

Make money from other people's YouTube videos.

If you're looking to set up a business that generates a passive income for you with little upfront investment, Affiliate Marketing is the way forward. Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic business model, enabling you to get paid commission just for communicating offers and persuading people to buy products you neither own nor stock!

The key to success is simple. Generate high-quality traffic to click on your own, affiliate links and persuade them to buy the products you have chosen to promote. They buy, you get paid commission automatically! And there's no easier way to ensure that people see your affiliate links than by posting them on YouTube.

During this course, Howard Lynch, expert Internet Marketer, guides you through his simple, step-by-step process that he has used himself to make money from YouTube. You will also find out which are the best websites, tools and resources you can use to build your affiliate marketing business and communicate with your customers, saving you hours of research and avoiding the potential mistakes made if you were to learn all of this information from scratch.

Watch this over-the-shoulder course to discover:

• How to generate commissions from YouTube without even having your own YouTube channel!
• How to identify the right products to promote and the most effective and profitable way to promote them using YouTube, so you will earn more money
• How to set up your own, affiliate website, including purchasing domain names and choosing a hosting service, using Howard's ready-made business model, saving you endless time and research
• The method of sending autoresponders to multiple contacts within your email list without being blocked or undelivered
• The importance of sending surveys to keep in touch with your email list and understand their needs, and how you can do this cheaply and easily
• A step-by-step process of sending out related and bonus offers to your list that will supercharge your commissions and create a passive income.

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Target audience:
• New and aspiring Affiliate Marketers
• Anyone who has a keen interest in making money from YouTube.

About The Mentor

Howard Lynch

Build an online business and make $$$

Howard Lynch is a full-time internet marketer, entrepreneur and digital product creator, who specialises in selling ebooks and producing videos. He is also known for his online courses, which are available via many different platforms, such as Skillshare and Udemy. With extensive knowledge of digital advertising, namely through YouTube ads, Howard has grown his customer base to heights he had never believed possible.

Howard runs many businesses and is primarily known for being an expert in internet marketing. He has built a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers in only two years and has taught over 40,000 students.

Howard specialises in teaching people how to build information-based businesses including how to grow your email lists; how to monetise your followers; how you can make an impact and also become an authority.