Your Path To Success
By Venetia Zannettis

Re-program your neurology to realise your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

Beginner Level
Created by Venetia Zannettis
Last updated June 20, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

6 E-classes
6 E-classes
Inner Wisdom
Path to Success Quiz Eclasses 1-4
Identify Subconscious Programs
Remove Subconscious Programs
Re-Programe Subconscious Programs
Path to Success Quiz Eclasses 5-8

Course Description

How to re-program the subconscious mind.

If you're not satisfied with your life and struggling to realise your dreams, there is a BIG secret you need to learn. It is possible that you're not 'programmed' in the right way. You may be surprised to learn that life is a creation of the mind, and the key to a successful life is in your neurology. Our words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours make us who we are and influence our neurological programming and, in order to prosper in life, your conscious and subconscious minds need to be working in harmony with each other.

In order to reach your peak state and live to your full potential, you may need to reprogram the subconscious mind with new thoughts, beliefs, words and behaviours that will bring you closer to your aspirations and goals. Achieve this and any information will be subsequently stored in your neurology and projected into your future.

Venetia Zammettis is a Life-Transformation Expert who helps her clients to transform their lives in the best way possible, by bringing positivity and wellness to their minds, bodies and spirits. In this course, she will help you to become aware of your senses and submodalities, so you will understand exactly what information is entering your neurological system and being projected into your future by your unconscious mind. You will learn how to 'reset' your neurology and receive new, inner wisdom that will bring you closer to achieving your goals and aspirations.

Watch this inspiring course today to discover:
• How to become aware if your submodalities, so that you will know exactly what information is being stored in your neurology and projected into your future by your subconscious mind
• Important advice on resetting your neurology, so that you can stop projecting undesired circumstances into your life
• How to receive inner wisdom, so that you can move towards your goals with ease
• Essential tips to remove the unconscious programming that is taking place below your threshold of awareness, which may be sabotaging your chances of success
• How to create a new, empowering program for yourself to replace your old behaviour patterns, so you can be confident that you will be on a more favourable path.

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Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking self-improvement
• Anyone who wants to have better control over their subconscious mind
• People who are feeling frustrated by self-limiting beliefs

About The Mentor

Venetia Zannettis

Awaken your inner power!

Venetia Zannettis is a Life-Transformation Expert who uses many methods, techniques and skills, such as the Law of Attraction, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), subconscious work, Reiki, Theta, Intuitive Energy Healing and Aura Reading, to help her clients positively transform their lives in the best way possible. She supports and guides her clients in moving beyond their current situation or emotional state by bringing positivity and wellness to their mind, body and spirit.

Venetia left home at a young age and got involved with the wrong crowd. Eventually, her lifestyle affected her mindset, leading to homelessness. Her young age and toxic friends led her to alcoholism, substance abuse and an unpleasant way of life.

In 2001, Venetia decided to seek professional help to overcome her dependencies and destructive emotional state. She battled with various, modern medicines but only fell into a deeper hole of confusion, disorder and uncertainty. Anxiety, sleeping disorders and high stress levels became the norm for her, but she knew in her heart that things could be better. She felt a powerful force within her, that she was unable to awaken or even explain to anyone, but knew her life depended on making the right choices for herself.

Venetia eventually turned to alternative medicine, soul-searching and self-analysis and began her journey of self-discovery to heal herself and find happiness, health, love, peace and balance. In 2007, Venetia began working on her attitude and negative mindset, and self-discovery made her aware of the things that brought joy to her life. Day by day, Venetia noticed positive changes in herself and realised she was beginning to heal. She restored her mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and regained harmony.

After her healing, Venetia decided to enroll in a Psychology course, where she qualified in Emotional Intelligence. In 2010, she created her own Life-Transformation course, using tools and techniques to improve a person’s way of thinking, emotions and behaviours, bringing wellness to their mind, body and spirit. Two years later, she qualified as a Reiki Healer and now uses a technique that transfers universal energy to her patients through her palms to stimulate a natural state of pure happiness, relaxation, inner peace and health.

In 2015, Venetia was registered as an Aura expert and then went on to qualify as an Advanced DNA ThetaHealer, whereby she heals DNA through accessing the belief system. One year later, she added to her qualifications to become a certified NLP practitioner.

Venetia has become renowned for her ability to positively transform lives, by helping people to awaken their inner power and move beyond their current situation and emotional state – this work has now become her full-time career. She encourages her clients to become the best version of themselves to reach their full potential and create a life they love.

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