Your Best Relationship

Breathe new life into your relationship and make it better than ever before!

Beginner Level
Created by Olga Geidane
Last updated June 20, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

25 E-classes
25 E-classes
Feelings And Why
Yes Or No
Assignment 1
The Perfect Relationship
Relationship quiz Eclasses 1-4
Your Past
Past Present Future
Assignment 2
Your Partner
Your Partner's Past
Relationship quiz Eclasses 5-8
Anger Into Bonus
Assignment 3
Acceptance Of The Unavoidable
Common Goals And Fun Times
Love Languages
Relationship quiz Eclasses 9-12
Assignment 4
Body Language And Outlook
Recreating Your Future
An Agreement
Assignment 5
Relationship quiz Eclasses 13-15

Course Description

How to create your perfect relationship.

A great relationship never happens by accident - it requires time and effort on both parts. Even the most perfect relationship has its ups and downs but successful couples have learnt to hang in there, tackle the problems and work through the complexities of everyday life together.

We are all happy to invest time and effort in our jobs and other areas of our lives and our relationships shouldn't be any different. In this course, Olga Geidane, an experienced life coach, provides you with essential tips and advice to improve your relationship with your partner and work through any issues you are both dealing with.

Whether your relationship is at breaking point, or is already quite positive and you want to make it even better, by watching this course you will improve communication with your partner, learning a lot about yourself in the process. Olga will help you to explore your past and how it affects your current life, so that you can move on to create a happy, bright future together. This course includes several assignments and is most effective when couples work on the assignments together.

Watch this in-depth course to discover:

• How men and women experience emotions differently and why it is so important to recognise this
• How to determine whether your relationship is worth fighting for and what to do about it, either way
• Why it is so essential to explore your past, and that of your partner, to understand each other better and work towards a happier future relationship
• How to have a constructive argument to achieve a more positive outcome
• The need for compromise in every relationship and how you can work on this with your partner for the best possible outcome
• How to recognise your partner's and your own love languages to ensure you are both making each other happy

Target audience:

• Anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their partner
• People who are at a turning point in their relationship and need guidance as to whether to carry on or call it a day
• People who have come out of a bad relationship and want to make sure the next one is perfect

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About The Mentor

Olga Geidane

Live YOUR life!

Olga Geidane is a certified life coach and founder of New Life Kick Start. She has been a life coach since 2005 and a specialist business coach since 2014.

Originally from Latvia, Olga Geidane now lives in the UK and is a truly inspirational, hard-working businesswoman with a wealth of life coaching and business experience. As founder of New Life Kick Start, she works with her clients to solve their issues, identify and remove negative behavior triggers and rewrite their life stories.

In order to help her clients, Olga continues to expand her knowledge and skills. She strongly believes in taking action, rather than just talking, her aim being to take her clients from their current position to where they want to be in the shortest possible time.

Prior to becoming a life coach, Olga ran her own property maintenance company and before this, a commercial cleaning company. She studied at the Aeronautical University of Riga, where she gained a degree in Business / Managerial Economics. She is perfectly placed to coach clients on business-related matters, as well as personal ones.

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