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Created by Lorraine Whyte
Last updated June 21, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

19 E-classes
19 E-classes
Your Superpowers
Soul Purpose Activation
SuperPower 1 - Strength
Strength Assignment
SuperPower 2 - Honour Self Respect
Honour Self Respect Assignment
SuperPower 3 - Courage
Courage Assignment
Superpower Quiz Eclasses 1-5
Love Assignment
SuperPower 5 - Truth
Truth Assignment
SuperPower 6 - Intuition
Intuition Assignment
SuperPower 7 - Freedom
Unleash Your Superpowers
Superpower Quiz Eclasses 6-9

Course Description

Use your chakras to find the right life path.

Are you struggling to find your soul purpose in life? Perhaps you work in a job you really don't enjoy, or are in a relationship that's not working for you. Perhaps you have an idea for a new business, but lack the confidence or are encountering problems that are preventing you from taking it forward.

You are more than just your physical body. You also have an 'energy body', and this determines how you feel, how other people see you and literally creates your reality. This course is about helping you to unleash the innate superpowers that exist within each and every one of us, so that you can find your 'soul purpose' in life and feel brave enough to take the leap of faith to make your dreams a reality.

Lorraine Whyte is an Intuitive Life Strategist, who helps you find direction and embrace your true purpose in life. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Soul Plan Practitioner and an Intuitive. In this course, you will learn in-depth information about the seven, different superpowers we all possess and how they relate to our chakras. You will also receive practical tips and pointers on how you can become more in touch with your chakras and unleash these superpowers, so you can live a life of abundance and fulfilment.

Watch this illuminating course to discover:
• Everything you need to know about the seven chakras and how each has energy that flows in and out of your body
• How to prepare your energy so that you're focused and able to tap into your superpowers whenever you need to
• A useful, meditation exercise you can use every day to feel confident and enthused about fulfilling your soul purpose
• How to acknowledge your unique talents and gifts and build your self-belief, so that you can have the courage to improve your life.

For more information on Lorraine Whyte, visit www.lifestrategist.co.uk.

Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Anyone who is open-minded and ready to accept that they are responsible for their own reality.

About The Mentor

Lorraine Whyte

Discover your soul purpose to live a life you love.

Lorraine Whyte is a UK based Intuitive Life Strategist, who helps people to find direction and embrace their true purpose in life. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP) Practitioner, Soul Plan Practitioner and Flower Essence Practitioner, and has been assisting clients for over a decade in the capacity of career and life coaching.

Prior to her work as a Life Strategist, Lorraine built a career in Human Resources, working for various, corporate companies in London, UK. She also owned and managed a successful, boutique, executive search and recruitment business, Inspired Careers, which specialised in placing PR professionals in agencies and corporate organisations.

Due to a series of challenges in her personal life, Lorraine became focused on living with purpose and embracing the true essence of who she really was. Today, she shares her compassion, coupled with professional experience, to help others to recognise the truth of who they really are. She particularly focuses on helping other coaches and therapists, using modern business solutions, along with astrology and numerology to identify their unique talents and gifts. This helps them to create attractive programmes and packages that cater to the clients they wish to serve, so that they can create practices that are profitable, rewarding and in complete synchronicity with their unique soul purpose.

Lorraine is also an experienced podcaster and presents a radio talk show called Unlock Your Soul, which aims to inspire the soul and help listeners to understand the adventure that we call life.

To find out more about Lorraine, visit www.lifestrategist.co.uk.