Trader Mindset Masterclass
By Dr Jane Cox

Learn how to harness the power of your mind to achieve great trading results.

Beginner Level
Created by Dr Jane Cox
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

17 E-classes
17 E-classes
Discipline Of Self Part 1
Discipline Of Self Part 2
Assignment 1
Discipline Of Money Part 1
Discipline Of Money Part 2
Trader Mindset Quiz Eclasses 1-4
Assignment 2
Discipline Of Others Part 1
Discipline Of Others Part 2
Assignment 3
Discipline Of Time Part 1
Discipline Of Time Part 2
Assignment 4
Discipline Of Emotions
Trader Mindset Quiz Eclasses 5-9
Assignment 5

Course Description

Five disciplines to improve your trading.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful trader? Why is it that some people seem to achieve amazing results, whilst others struggle and often fail at trading?

You know that if you want to be a successful trader, it's all about following the fundamental rules you will have already learnt when you started trading. However, according to Dr Jane Cox, a world-renowned human and business performance specialist, with highly-developed, specific expertise in the psychology of private trading, your mindset is equally important in enhancing your trading results.

In this course, Dr Jane will outline the five, core disciplines that you need to understand and follow in order to become a successful trader, and how to use them to harness the power of the mind to see instant improvements in your trading activity.

Watch this fascinating and practical course to learn:

• Why self-discipline is so important in your approach to trading to make yourself accountable for your actions
• Why it is so important to stick to the fundamental rules of trading and not be distracted by your emotions
• How others can negatively affect your trading outcomes and how to overcome this so you earn their respect and stay focused on your goals
• How to overcome feelings of fear and guilt you may experience when trading, so that you can trade with confidence and enthusiasm
• How to manage your time proactively to ensure successful trading and a positive work / life balance

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Target audience:
• People who have limited trading experience and want to become more confident traders

About The Mentor

Dr Jane Cox

Break down mental barriers to reach your financial potential.

Dr Jane Cox is a world-renowned human and business performance specialist, professional speaker and author, with highly-developed, specific expertise in the psychology of private trading.

A qualified doctor of psychology, with two other doctorates, additional business degrees in both marketing and communication, and several other post-graduate qualifications, she brings a unique blend of cutting-edge, theoretical knowledge and real-world pragmatic expertise.

Proven in her field time and time again, Dr Jane Cox provides the solution for anyone wanting to take their life to the next level. If you want a complete overhaul, need to focus on your business or just want to find love with Jane you'll make it happen.

Jane's fascination with people, her need to understand what makes them tick, and knowledge on how best to access people's greatness, has led to her receiving three doctorates, in the areas of psychology, natural medicine, and metaphysics. She has appeared at events all over the world, sharing the stage with the likes of Nick Vujicic, Chris Gardner, and John Demartini, and is the creator of the 'Total Life Dynamics' coaching system, as well as the founder of both "The Cascade of Kindness" gifting movement and the Christopher James Foundation For Change.

She is also is an accomplished executive coach, behavioural facilitator, and consultant business partner, having worked extensively for both national and international organisations. Her speciality is inter-cultural communication and it is this expertise that has made her particularly effective in supporting international negotiations and change projects with multi-cultural teams.

Prior to setting up her own business as a management consultant and executive coach, Jane worked as Head of Communications Faculty at Rand Afrikaans University SA, Director of Communications, Training Manager and a Managing Director for over twenty years. Since then, Jane has worked both in the private and public sectors. Her clients have included Barclays, Toyota, Telkom SA and Nokia, Nestle, Roche, government offices and two major UK Home Office departments. She has also co-founded several businesses specialising in cultural communications and international coaching.

Her passion for life, her love of witnessing success in the people around her, and her own life experiences of illness, abuse, sickness, violence and bereavement give Jane an incredibly rounded perspective of what people go through, and how it affects them. Approachable, fearless and fun, Jane can drag change out of the most reluctant and shy participant, and run alongside the most enthusiastic and keen participant with equal ease.

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