The New Science Of Genius

Access your genius field today and increase the levels of your creativity.

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Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

18 E-classes
18 E-classes
Brains And Intelligence
The Genetics
Assignment 1
New Science Of Quantum Physics
The Genius Field
New Science quiz Eclasses 1-5
String Theory
Assignment 2
Antimatter Matter
The Black Hole Principle
What Is Genius
Assignment 3
New Science quiz Eclasses 6-10
Dawkins, Darwin and other dogma
Eat, Pray...Groove
The 3 Laws and Ahas by Dr Manjir

Course Description

How to find your inner genius and passion.

What if you were told that ANYONE has the potential to be a genius and that intelligence has nothing to do with genetics, the structure of the brain and the science of IQ, but actually comes from within? Would you be skeptical? If you've ever longed to unleash the genius within you, then this course is essential viewing.

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is an award-winning author, international speaker and entrepreneur, as well as a Plexus bio-energy healer, whose passion is to assist people in moving forward into a new paradigm of consciousness. During this course, she explores the concept of how the structure of the brain can change with learning and provides an introduction to the new science of quantum physics, which places consciousness as the fundamental component of life. She will teach you how to see the brain as a fluid conductor of ideas, which flow through your genius field to be articulated by you, rather than the origin of consciousness.

Dr Manjir will share her advice on how to move into your own genius field to discover your passion, without getting distracted by everyday trivialities, and heal your emotions to deal with and make sense of negative situations in your life, in order to learn from them and move on.

Watch this enlightening course to learn:

• Why the old science theories are outdated and should never prevent you from achieving your goals
• How the exciting new science of quantum physics will convince you that you really do have the potential to be a genius
• How to free up your emotions and tune into your own, genius field so that you can start generating and articulating new ideas that are unique to you
• How you can access your own genius field to look at negative situations from a higher perspective and start seeing the universe as a series of healing opportunities and new possibilities that you were never previously aware of.

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Target audience:
• Anyone working within a creative role who has difficulty accessing new ideas
• Writers, speakers or any kind of story-teller who wants to unlock their potential
• Entrepreneurs and business owners who are working on their next big idea or are trying to create harmony within their organisation

About The Mentor

Dr Manjir Samanta-laughton

Welcome to the paradigm revolution!

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is an award-winning author, international speaker and entrepreneur, as well as a Plexus bio-energy healer. She is also a former medical GP who qualified with the Royal Free Medical School in London.

Dr Manjir's passion is to assist people in moving forward into a new paradigm of consciousness and making sense of the global shifts we are currently experiencing, from a multi-dimensional perspective. She explores the real truths of the universe, beyond what we are told to believe.

Dr Manjir was also the presenter and co-producer of 'Hidden Science', a TV show which featured on The People's Voice, an internet-based, global TV and Radio Station.

As well as lecturing around the world, Dr Manjir has released several, online courses based on her work, called 'Simply Divine', 'The Magdalene Mystery School' and 'The Genius Groove', which have been extremely well received. She is currently working on a new book and course, 'The Magdalene Prophecies', a film entitled 'The Punk Science Movie', as well as her Masterclasses.

With over ten years' experience as a speaker around the world, Dr Manjir has spoken at several universities and been extensively interviewed by the media, including the BBC, Channel 4, Edge Media TV, The Guardian, The Sunday Express and many more.

She is a rare blend of extreme creativity and rational thinking and is regarded as an expert in human and planetary transformation. An original thinker who dares to challenge traditional views, Dr Manjir turns the world of science on its head; opens our eyes and minds to new possibilities and sources alternative ways of looking at the world that will change how you view life forever!

Dr Manjir currently lives with her partner, James, in Buckinghamshire, UK.

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