The 90 Minute Business Plan
By Fraser Hay

Document your model, vision, strategy and revenue streams to create your ideal business plan in only ninety minutes.

Beginner Level
Created by Fraser Hay
Last updated April 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

10 E-classes
10 E-classes
Real Problems
The Recipients Of Your Products/Service
Your Revenue Streams
The Route To Market
90 Min Business Plan Quiz Eclasses 1-4
Your Required Resources
Return On Investment
Required Steps
90 Min Business Plan Quiz Eclasses 5-7
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Course Description

Practical tips for creating a business plan.

If you’ve decided to become self-employed or set up a new business, one of the first things you will need to consider is your business plan. And this is where some of us can get stuck, as creating a business plan from scratch can be perceived as a daunting process, particularly if you’ve never attempted one before.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to document your model, vision, strategy and revenue streams, or confirm whether your idea is financially viable, help is at hand in the form of this step-by-step course by Fraser Hay, a business coach and marketing consultant who helps business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to identify and address what’s preventing them from achieving the results they want. He also assists clients with the implementation of measurable plans of action with full accountability, to help their businesses to grow and flourish.

Fraser is an award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker, who has been featured on TV, radio and in the press, and is the author of eighteen books, including ‘The Lead Generation MBA Course And Pipeline: The Sales Prospecting System’. Fraser has also created many powerful, proven, coaching programmes for each stage of the entrepreneurial journey and, in this course, he will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of creating your own business plan quickly and efficiently, without it becoming a highly academic, costly or stressful exercise.

Watch this useful course to learn:

• How to document and define your vision, business model and revenue streams, so you can quickly determine whether your idea will work and provide the basis for a successful business
• How to identify and quantify your customers’ problems, pains and needs, so you will be able to demonstrate how you can help and get paid to do so
• How to create the ideal prospect / client profile, so you will know exactly who your intended, target audience is
• How to determine your route to market and how you will reach and engage with your target audience
• The resources required to execute your business plan and how to identify and calculate your hourly rate, cost per lead, cost per sale and return on investment.

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Target audience:
? Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to launch their next, ‘big idea’.

About The Mentor

Fraser Hay

You cannot fail to grow unless you quit!

Fraser Hay is a business coach, marketing consultant and author who has documented over 2,000 marketing issues, obstacles and solutions that help business owners identify and address what is holding them back and preventing them from achieving the results they want. As founder of Grow Your Business®, Fraser believes that the meaning of life is to discover your gift and the purpose of life is to share it, whilst achieving your own business objectives.

Fraser is based in the Highlands of Scotland. He started a business, Health Scope Direct, in 1996, with an investment of only ten pounds and built up 8,000 customers in nine countries in only two years. His achievements were recognised and he won a Shell liveWIRE Award in 1998. He is won a RBS and Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust Award.

Fraser went on to write ten books in ten months, all of which achieved the number one spot in their categories on Amazon. He has since written a total of eighteen books, with his latest book about GDPR Compliance being released in 2018. He has also created hundreds of videos on YouTube on many different aspects of entrepreneurship and he has frequently appeared on TV, radio and in the press.

A professional, keynote speaker, Fraser has spoken on both sides of the Atlantic and was even asked by the UK government to represent Great Britain and present to five hundred economists, politicians and entrepreneurs in Poland. He has also taken part in many webinars and live streamed events.

Fraser’s present company, Grow Your Business®, was founded to offer guidance, help and support to business owners at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. He offers specific training, resources, coaching and consultancy, covering many aspects of entrepreneurship, marketing and self-employment. He has created a number of practical, coaching programmes that can be delivered on site, online, or by phone, allowing individuals to monitor, measure and share their confidence, progress and results. He also assists clients with copywriting for classified adverts, video sales letters, squeeze pages and webinar scripts, helping them to articulate the pain points of the prospective customer and the features and benefits of their products and solutions. He has helped individuals in over forty countries to identify, pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial objectives.

In addition to this, Fraser is a LinkedIn marketing expert. He personally generated over 250,000 blog views and 70,000 status views, and his book on LinkedIn marketing reached the number one spot in its category on Amazon in nine countries. He generated over two hundred, online leads in one day and £7,000 revenue on LinkedIn in seven days, by following his recommended, simple, practical and proven approach. Fraser is also the author of the ‘Lead Generation MBA’, which was endorsed by the Open University in Italy.

Twenty-six years ago, Fraser married his childhood sweetheart and has five children and three chickens! He believes that, over the last twenty years, he has made at least 192,000 bad decisions, 48,000 good decisions and two brilliant decisions.

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