Take Care Of Business
By Frank Furness

Top strategies to harness the power of the internet to gain more prospects and supercharge sales revenues.

Beginner Level
Created by Frank Furness
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

8 E-classes
8 E-classes
How To Close The Sale
How To Create Sales Videos
How To Go Viral
How To Prospect For Sales
Take Care of Business Eclasses 1-4
How To Rank Your Videos On Youtube
How To Use Social Media For Sales
Take Care of Business Eclasses 5-6

Course Description

Tips for successful prospecting and sales.

Whether you're a business owner, or employed by someone else in a sales or marketing capacity, there will be many times when you need to engage in prospecting, close sales and promote your products and services via the Internet.

Frank Furness is an international authority on sales training. With clients in forty countries, he is a renowned speaker and Internet Marketing business owner, with twenty-two, income producing websites. He is also an avid supporter of video marketing, with his own, successful YouTube channel that has over 500 videos, millions of views and nearly 7,000 subscribers.

In this series of video classes, Frank covers several, different elements of sales and marketing, designed to improve your overall performance, delivered in his unique, lively and enthusiastic style. You will receive valuable hints and tips on how to create sales videos and ensure they rank highly on YouTube, as well as use social media for prospecting and sales. You will also learn which sites Frank recommends to edit videos, buy email lists and create impactful intros and call to actions, so that you can easily replicate his success in your own business.

Watch this practical course today to discover:

• The five types of closes and how to identify them, so you will have a higher chance of overcoming objections and winning more sales
• The five, top strategies you need to know in order to create a sales funnel of targeted, high-value prospective customers
• How to create awesome, promotional videos that will always rank highly to sell your products and services online
• Frank's top strategies for ensuring your videos and posts go viral, so that more people will see them and want to engage with your business

For more information on Frank, visit www.frankfurness.com.

Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Financial advisors and sales and marketing staff

About The Mentor

Frank Furness

Helping individuals and organisations reach new levels of excellence

Frank Furness is an internationally renowned, motivational speaker who spends seventy-five per cent of his time speaking internationally in fifty-eight countries.

His lively and engaging style inspires audiences all over the world. He is a specialist in sales technology, social media, goal setting and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organisations.

Frank was born in South Africa and now lives in London, where he works as a motivator, trainer and public speaker. He began his career as an elite sales consultant and, after a successful career spanning over twenty years, became a professional speaker and presenter, specialising in sales, marketing and social media.

Frank's accolades are numerous. In 2001, he was recognised as the only non-American listed in the USA Meetings and Conventions magazine as being one of the top ten, most sought-after speakers on the professional speaking circuit. Six years later, he was awarded 'Top Speaker' for Vistage Europe and in 2011, he was inducted into the 'Speaker Hall of Fame'. Two years later, he was recognised as 'Overseas Speaker of the Year' for TEC Australia and rated a top speaker by Vistage Florida. Vistage / TEC is the world's largest CEO members' organisation.

Frank is the Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe and former Chair of the International PEG for the National Speakers' Association of the USA. He is a regular speaker at the Entrepreneur's University and his clients include the British Olympic Team, The Professional Cricketers' Association, Sporting Champions and Sport England.

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Frank is known for using many of his own, personal anecdotes, along with multiple sales and management ideas in his speeches. His endless amounts of enthusiasm and ability to give speeches in a charming and engaging manner have made him an international success and he delivers over one hundred speeches per year. He has also spoken on goal setting, motivation and positive mental attitude on many radio and television shows from around the world.

In addition to professional speaking, Frank runs a successful Internet Marketing business with twenty-two websites that all generate significant income. He has been an enthusiastic advocate of video marketing for many years and his YouTube channel has over 6,500 subscribers. He is also a partner of a London financial services firm with a thirty-strong sales force.
Frank is also a successful author, and his books 'Walking with Tigers' Success Secrets of the World's Top Business Leaders' and 'How to Find New Business and Clients' are both international best sellers.

For more information on Frank Furness, visit www.frankfurness.com.