Simplified Sales Funnels
by Kylie Menz

Create the perfect sales funnel to attract a steady stream of clients.

Beginner Level
Created by Kylie Menz
Last updated May 12, 2021
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17 E-classes
17 E-classes
Sales Funnels Basics
Niche Specialisation
Reverse Engineer
Assignment 1
Simplified Sales Funnel Model
Sales Funnels Quiz Eclasses 1-6
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E-mail Automation
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Sales Funnels Quiz Eclasses 7-12
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Course Description

Strategies to automate and scale a business.

Many entrepreneurs start their business journey in the hope of creating more freedom for themselves, but find the reality to be very different. They are either inundated with work, trading time for money or struggling to generate the cash flow and steady stream of clients they desire.

If you're one of these people, it can feel utterly overwhelming. It seems like there simply aren't enough hours in the day to work on your business, as well as working IN it. That's why mapping out a sales funnel is the best way forward, as it allows you to create an automated system that brings in high-value clients on a regular basis, allowing you to leverage your skills, create high ticket sales, systemise the process and scale your business, enabling you to gain the freedom you desire.

Kylie Menz is known as 'The Cashflow Queen' and helps people to leverage their knowledge and dream big, by providing specific tools to create measurable results. In this course, she guides you through the complete process of building your foundation and creating your sales funnel. She also teaches you how to use it effectively to promote your products and services and bring in regular clients, who want to work with you.

Watch this practical course to learn:

• The basics of mapping out your own, simplified sales funnel, so that you can create an automated model that can be used again and again
• How to capture your prospective clients' details easily and efficiently so you can begin building a successful relationship with them
• The importance of creating a lead magnet and landing page, and how to promote your system to the market to get the most out of your sales funnel
• Practical tips and techniques to promote your offering to your target market and significantly increase conversion rates
• Why tracking is so important in determining your return on investment and why it should be an integral part of your sales funnel.

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Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Anyone who is fed up with trading time for money and wants more freedom
• People who want to create a fully automated sales model

About The Mentor

Kylie Menz

The Cashflow Queen

Kylie Menz is a straight-talking, cashflow mentor who helps women entrepreneurs to go global, monetise their knowledge and scale their businesses via online courses, programmes and membership sites. She provides innovative and high-value mentoring to women who want to leverage their online income and are looking to escape the rat race, lower their working hours and increase revenue.

Kylie was born in Adelaide, Australia and, following a relationship break-up, decided to travel the world and do some 'inner' learning. She visited Africa, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and Ireland, where she saw and experienced many things that helped her to grow and expand her mind.

After her trip, Kylie moved to London, UK, and joined the corporate rat race, rising the ranks to become a Branch Manager at Northfields Estate Agents, where she stayed for seven years. She then moved on to senior level headhunting for a large, construction recruitment firm but, unfortunately, ended up as a burnt out sales professional who nearly became homeless!

Kylie found herself heavily in debt, despite paying for expensive courses, trying to get into property and Forex trading, and eventually turned to internet marketing, which turned her life around. She has now built an amazing, passive income, learned fantastic new skills, created her own life and time freedom and has never looked back.

Since 2014, Kylie has been a full-time entrepreneur and focuses her efforts on helping others to think big and realise their dreams with measurable results. Her aim is to help people to stop trading time for money, create lifestyle businesses and build a passive income in the same way as she has done. She advises people on how to get started with online / network marketing and use it more effectively, set goals and achieve them so they can enjoy living life on their own terms.

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