Set And Achieve Big Goals

Set your goals around your dreams and achieve the success you deserve.

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Created by Marcos Souto
Last updated June 20, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

10 E-classes
10 E-classes
The Legacy You Leave Behind
Designing Your Goals
Goals quiz Eclasses 1-4
Our Unconscious Actions
Motivation and Inspiration
The Secret Formula
How To Beat Procrastination
What We Have Learned So Far
Goals quiz Eclasses 5-8

Course Description

Be a pro-goal setter and realise your dreams.

Do you find that, although you really want to do well and achieve great things in life, somehow, you always seem to fail to realise your goals? You start off with the best of intentions and are initially extremely enthusiastic but, as time goes on, you start procrastinating, become defocused and, after a few weeks, your motivation and goals seem to fly out of the window. You then become increasingly frustrated and abandon these goals, never making your dreams a reality.

How do some people seem to set their own goals and start getting results quickly, then go on to achieve great things in life, while others can't seem to break the cycle? If you want to become one of those expert goal-setters, then this is an essential course for you.

Marcos Souto, Lead Performance Coach at Wealth Dragons, has coached hundreds of people, including many entrepreneurs and successful business owners and, in this course, will teach you the secrets of successful goal-setting. You will learn Marcos's key steps to creating your own big goals and achieving them, so you too can live a life of wealth, happiness and abundance.

Watch this useful and practical course to discover:

• Why the traditional, 'old-school' goal setting methods fail and how you can use 'new-school' methods to set and achieve your own goals
• The benefits of creating your 'big vision' and the techniques you can use to do this successfully
• How to design your own, powerful goals around your passions and align them with your highest values, so you are more likely to remain focused and positive
• Five effective strategies to beat procrastination, so you will always be driven and motivated to pursue your dreams

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Target audience:
• New entrepreneurs and business owners
• Anyone who has difficulty in achieving their goals and needs direction
• Anyone who wants to improve their lives, achieve financial freedom and become successful

About The Mentor

Marcos Souto

Your life must matter!

Marcos Souto is the Principal Coach and Director of Sales at Wealth Dragons plc. He specialises in peak performance coaching, motivation and sales. A certified NLP Master Practitioner, Marcos has studied with some of the biggest names in the Personal Development industry, such as Richard Bandler T. Harv Eker, Christopher Howard, Dr John De Martini, Robin Sharma, Grant Cardone and Anthony Robbins.

Born into a traditional family, Marcos was raised in a small town in Northern Spain. Since he was a child, his life was dictated by his family's wishes, who hoped he would become an engineer, like his father, and end up working in the car manufacturing plant in his hometown.

However, although he gained a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Vigo, Spain, Marcos decided to break from his family expectations. He moved to London and worked in Wealth Management for one of top, five banks in the UK, Barclays. Whilst working in banking, Marcos stumbled across a very powerful tool, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He completed his NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching certification with a world-renowned NLP practitioner, Christopher Howard. After that, he immediately began running his own, personal development workshops for various teams within the bank, as well as coaching some colleagues.
Marcos soon realised his true passion was coaching and personal development. Therefore, he made the decision to leave a promising career in banking and went to work as a Sales Manager at Think Big Education, one of the largest promoters of personal development seminars and workshops in the UK at the time. He subsequently joined Wealth Dragons in 2014.

Over the years, Marcos has attended numerous seminars and workshops in Personal Development and Business in the UK and in Asia. As a result of his comprehensive studying of ultra-successful people, Marcos has discovered that “successful people admit that their biggest mistake they make is to set goals that are too small”. He believes everybody can change for the better, no matter their situation or past, with the right help! He has coached many CEOs, company directors, professionals, entrepreneurs and property investors, helping them to achieve their goals faster.

Marcos helps his clients to overcome what is stopping them in life and gives them practical tools to use every day to beat procrastination, stay focused and more. By installing the habits of ultra-successful people in his clients, he helps them to create lasting change.

An avid reader on Personal Development, Top Performance and the biographies of ultra-successful people, Marcos lives in Milton Keynes, UK, and is currently writing his first book on how to create the extraordinary life you deserve.

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