Sell More With Mobile Marketing
By Joyce Ong

Take advantage of mobile app technology to engage with customers, generate new leads and increase ROI

Beginner Level
Created by Joyce Ong
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

13 E-classes
13 E-classes
3 Mobile Trends That Affect B2C Business
Silver Swipers
Local Mobile Searches
Is This Relevant To My Business
Which Comes First, Website Or Mobile App
Three Powerful Marketing Features
Mobile Marketing Quiz Eclasses 1-5
What Type Of Consumers Are Likely To Adopt Mobile Technology
How Will A Mobile App Help Your Business
Why Do Apps Fail
Tracking Success On Your App With App Analytics
Calculating Your Return On Investment On A Push Notification
Mobile Marketing Quiz Eclasses 6-11

Course Description

Tips to increase app sales and engagement.

The enormous adoption of smartphones means that mobile marketing should be an essential part of any business's strategy. With more and more consumers using their smartphones and mobile devices to research and make purchasing decisions, businesses are now taking advantage of cool and clever apps to engage their followers, track their activities, build loyalty and convert them into paying customers.

There is a diverse range of technologies available to help businesses get the most out of their mobile marketing, but to do this requires time and effort into launching your app and providing relevant, consistent content to excite and engage your following.

Whilst you may already recognise the immense potential of mobile marketing, you may be wondering where to start. Joyce Ong, an experienced marketer, app developer and mobile marketing specialist, helps businesses get better reach of their customers at the right place and the right time through mobile technology.

In this course, she outlines the current mobile trends that will affect the success of your marketing activities and explains the different ways that businesses can benefit from mobile marketing to build their following, generate leads and interact with their customers. She also reveals why certain apps fail and how you can track the success and return on investment of your own, mobile marketing campaigns.

Watch this highly informative course today to learn:

• The top, three mobile trends that currently affect B2C businesses, so you will understand how consumers are using their mobile devices to research and make purchasing decisions
• Three unique, powerful features of app-based marketing that you can use to offer your customers a rich, user-friendly and highly engaging mobile experience
• The three, main scenarios where businesses like yours can benefit from mobile technology by engaging a mobile-savvy audience of followers, cultivating loyalty and converting them into paying customers
• Important steps you can take to ensure your app does not fail and become obsolete
• The main methods of tracking activity within your app to understand which campaigns are successful and which ones are not, so you will be empowered to make important decisions that will maximise your return on investment.

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Target audience:
• Marketing Professionals and business owners who want to harness the power of app marketing to generate leads and convert followers into customers

About The Mentor

Joyce Ong

Take advantage of cool and clever mobile technology to help your business grow!

Joyce Ong is an experienced marketer and mobile marketing specialist who helps businesses get better reach of their customers at the right place and the right time through mobile technology. As the founder of Marketing Tech she helps small and medium businesses to generate a positive return on their marketing investment by building customer loyalty and converting followers into paying customers.

Joyce Ong runs Marketing Tech, a Marketing Consultancy for small and medium sized businesses, and together with a technology partner, deliver technology solutions such as mobile apps, websites, campaign driven landing pages, marketing funnels and Search Engine Optimisation services.

Marketing Tech is more than an app developer, web developer, or SEO provider – our mission is to work with the Business providing 360 degree Marketing Advice simply to ensure you and your team will generate results from your marketing investment.

If no one is using the technology you've invested in, let alone your clients, what good would that do? Write it off as just another Marketing expense, never to be heard off, or mentioned again? Suffice to say, we want to make sure your marketing investment is exactly that - an INVESTMENT

Joyce has more than twenty-five years of Corporate and SME marketing experience, a passion for marketing technology and uses her experience and skills to champion SMEs. Together with her technology partner, Joyce takes great pleasure in helping ambitious, small businesses grow.

Originally from Singapore, Joyce studied at the National University of Singapore, before going on to gain an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland. Upon graduating, she worked in a number of Marketing and Project Management roles for Credit Suisse in Singapore and later, in Zurich.

In 2006, having worked for American Express in London as a marketing contractor, Joyce founded and managed a UK immigration practice, The London Link, which advised and represented private clients in all aspects of UK immigration law, with a particular interest in assisting non-EU nationals applying for Entrepreneur visas.

In 2016, The London Link merged with another immigration firm and Joyce now acts as a business development manager for it, as well as running her latest business, Marketing Tech.

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