Residual Income And Membership Sites
By Armand Morin

Learn to create and use membership sites to generate a healthy, residual income.

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Created by Armand Morin
Last updated April 12, 2021
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Course Description

Learn how to create profitable, membership sites.

If someone told you that you were capable of earning $100,000 from an online business in its first year, would you believe them? It sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? But not when you break it down!

Put simply, in order to earn $100,000 online, all you have to do is create a membership site with a subscription fee of $97 per month, and convince eighty-six people to join it! Put this way, doesn't it sound so much more achievable?

Creating membership sites is a highly effective way to generate residual income for you and your business. They can guarantee you a monthly income that is easily scalable as, the more members you have, the more monthly subscriptions you will generate.

You could go out and do this by yourself but, if you've never created a membership site before, the prospect of it can be daunting. That's why Armand Morin is here to walk you through every, single step to create your own, successful, membership site.

Armand is a highly successful, Internet marketing expert, speaker and trainer. In 1996, he started with only $1.83 in his pocket and, despite having no experience, developed a multi-million dollar, international business, which trades in over one hundred countries around the world.

During this course, Armand will guide you through the entire process of creating a membership site that generates a healthy, residual income. You will learn some of his own, personal methods he uses within his various membership sites, some of which generate over $1 million per year each, and will understand how to set your site up properly, manage memberships and create and handle content.

Watch this highly informative, step-by-step course today to learn:

• The types of content and information you need to include within your site to make it worth the monthly membership fee you are charging
• How to create high-quality content that will appeal to your members and keep them returning to your site
• How to create value around your monthly content that will double, triple or even quadruple its perceived value
• Tips and advice on building your membership, managing members and and creating cohesion between them, thereby building a strong, long-lasting and loyal following for your business
• The membership site and ecommerce systems Armand recommends and how to use them correctly to minimise your time involved.

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Target audience:

• Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of the internet to generate a scalable, residual income.

About The Mentor

Armand Morin

Teaching proven marketing models to build profitable, online businesses.

Armand Morin is a highly successful, Internet marketing expert, speaker, author and trainer. Back in 1996, he started with only $1.83 in his pocket and, despite having no experience, managed to develop a multi-million dollar, international business, which now trades in over one hundred countries around the world.

Over the past twenty years, Armand has built his online business to the point where he is one of the best-known Internet marketers in the world today, teaching everyone, from newbies to experts, many of whom have gone on to generate millions of dollars in online revenue. His name is one of the most referenced names in Internet Marketing and he is mentioned on thousands of websites and in numerous books.

Armand is also an international speaker and has shared the stage with the likes of Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale and many more. His no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, teaching style has the unique ability to transform a business and has made him a highly sought-after speaker across the world.

Armand has spoken in front of and trained well over half a million people at live, business training events and seminars. He also ran the most prestigious, largest, Internet marketing seminar in the United States, which has trained more people on Internet Marketing than any other seminar.

Although Armand is a self-proclaimed geek, he teaches in a non-technical, enthusiastic manner that everyone can relate to and learn from. He has dedicated much of his online career to making it easy for others to replicate his success and has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to grow their businesses.

Armand truly believes in the concept of ‘Success Leaves Traces’ (the title of one of his books) and is wholeheartedly committed to the success of online entrepreneurs.

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