Quick Start To Sales Success
by Pete Scott

Practical, real-life strategies to become a successful salesperson.

Beginner Level
Created by Pete Scott
Last updated June 20, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

15 E-classes
15 E-classes
The Biggest Sale You've Ever Made
The Car Salesman
Stop This Start That
So You Wanted Techniques
Imperfect Action
Quiz QS Sales Success (Eclasses 1-6)
Best Things In Life Are Free
A Loaf of Bread
What Cost?
Practice Makes Permanent
What's Stopping You?
Quiz QS Sales Success (Eclasses 7-12)
Assignment One
Assignment Two

Course Description

How to improve your selling mindset to achieve amazing results.

The world of selling has changed in recent times. Customers are now so much more informed and empowered, which makes them smarter buyers. Your job as a salesperson is to accompany them on their purchasing journey, understand their needs and work with them towards that final sell.

If you're in control of that sales process, you'll feel far more confident that you can turn that prospect into a paying customer. This course outlines the skills, strategies and psychology of sales and will provide you with some essential tips and techniques that you can start using right now to super-charge your sales figures and maximise your potential.

By the end of this course, you will feel confident in your own abilities and have a strategy that works for you. You will discover:

• the key qualities that all successful salespeople share and how you can adopt them
• the importance of being proactive and how to devise a system for yourself that will make a positive impact on your own productivity
• Effective methods of creating hunger for your product, service or solution, so that customers will perceive your offering as relevant and be inspired to buy from you
• Three straightforward strategies you can adopt immediately that will significantly improve your sales performance.

To find out more about Pete, visit petescottspa.wordpress.com.

Target audience:
• Sales executives or those considering a sales career
• Small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to improve their own sales performance

About The Mentor

Pete Scott

Consultant, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Pete Scott is a man on a mission to share and teach real-life, practical skills that get the results your business is searching for.

Pete is a highly experienced consultant, corporate trainer and speaker with a strong passion for inspiring people to peak performance. Over the last twelve years, Pete has continued to enhance his own skill-set in a number of soft skills areas and is now considered to be one of the go-to consultants in the areas of emotional intelligence, sales and presentation skills.

Throughout Pete's training career he has personally worked with over two hundred companies and over 10,000 staff. Working across industries such as oil & gas, finance, media, travel, personal development, government and many more, Pete has been able to gain an-in depth knowledge of human behaviour and psychology, from middle and senior management to board level.

Delivering training for organisations in Europe, New York, Dubai, Thailand, Ghana and various other parts of the world, Pete now spends 90% of his time travelling internationally to work with leading organisations.

Pete is also the founder of Spa Business Bootcamps, which is an annual, one-day conference to empower spa managers and business owners to reach new business goals and objectives.

To find out more about Pete, visit www.petescottspa.wordpress.com.