Productivity Habits
By Matt Bernstein

Learn how to increase your productivity by mastering workflow and project planning.

Beginner Level
Created by Matt Bernstein
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

30 E-classes
30 E-classes
Habits Of Highly Productive People
Create An Asset
Embrace Constraints
The 80-20 Principle
Analyse Reponsibilities
Make Better Decisions
Leverage Current Situations
Productivity Quiz Eclasses 1-7
Productive Action Planning
Good Project Planning
Mastering Workflow
Reviewing Tasks
Parkinson's Law
Batch Small Tasks
E-mail Productivity
Productivity Quiz Eclasses 8-14
Productive Routines For Morning And Night People
Busy People Vs Productive People
Routines To Decrease Working Hours
Things That Are Not Actually Productive
Habits To Avoid
Overcoming Concepts To Become Successful
Become More Productive
Productivity Quiz Eclasses 15-21
Power Of Less
Interruption Is The Killer Of Productivity
Inspiration Is Perishable
Money Mistakes Successful People Avoid
Avoid Zero Sum Games
Productivity Quiz Eclasses 22-26

Course Description

Productivity techniques to focus on important tasks.

Many of us are faced with situations where we feel overloaded and too busy, yet still wish we could be a lot more productive.

Do you find you never seem to have enough time to complete the important tasks that will move you towards your goals, because you're being constantly distracted by other, more trivial tasks? Do you find yourself saying 'yes' to every request, regardless of whether or not they support your own objectives?

The truth is that most of us have never learnt how to manage our time effectively and are, therefore, never as productive as we could be. The goal of this course is to teach you practical, productivity strategies, which are simple and easy to put into action and will enable you to reach your time-management potential. Not knowing these principles is undoubtedly costing you time, money, productivity and happiness!

Matt Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Skillhance, an online education portal that provides access to cutting-edge training courses and supports people to start a sideline, home-based business more quickly and easily. In this course, Matt shares the habits and strategies he uses to ensure his highest level of productivity every day.

Watch this useful course to discover:

• The habits of highly successful people that you can adopt to get more out of your working day
• The 80/20 rule and how you can use it to determine whether the tasks you are spending the most time on are actually adding value.

• The elements of good project planning and why it is so crucial in helping you to achieve your goals
• A step-by-step guide to mastering workflow and establishing healthy routines that will enable you to get more done in less time and work on the most difficult tasks when you have more energy
• Five habits to avoid in order to become more productive in your daily tasks
• How to avoid distractions whilst working on your to-do list, so you can focus on producing high-quality work in less time
• How to measure your productivity and improve it INSTANTLY.

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Target audience:
• Busy entrepreneurs and small business owners
• Anyone who has issues with time management, stress, procrastination, planning and goal setting
• People who are juggling multiple projects and need help with prioritising tasks

About The Mentor

Matt Bernstein

Start a successful, online business at an affordable cost.

Matt Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Skillhance, an online education portal that provides access to cutting-edge training courses and supports people to start a sideline, home-based business more quickly and easily. They provide the principles, strategies and technologies that produce real, measurable business results, without the expensive, upfront costs.

While studying to become a Communication Major at the University of Massachusetts, Matt built a successful eBay business. After college, he moved to Boston and founded his first company, Sports Pulse, which involved buying and reselling Topps products.

In 2014, Matt began to create courses to teach people how to become successful eBay sellers and founded Skillhance, a members' only, online education portal that provides useful and engaging courses on every aspect of starting a sideline business. Matt is focused on selling his content across multiple sales channels, runs weekly webinars and has created and maintained a healthy sales funnel, email marketing strategy and digital marketing activities to inspire and attract new customers.

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