Product Launching Online
by Howard Lynch

Everything you need to know to launch and sell products online.

Beginner Level
Created by Howard Lynch
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

23 E-classes
23 E-classes
Sales Pages And Upsell Pages
Members Area
Choosing A Launch Date
Listing Your Launch
Adding A Product
Creating A Funnel
Buy Buttons
Product Launch Quiz Eclasses 1-8
Autoresponder Accounts
Support Email
Finding Quality Copywriters
Testing Your Funnel
Facebook Groups For JV Recruitments
Muncheye Ads
The Magic Behind Cash Prizes
Product Launch Quiz Eclasses 9-15
Getting A JV Manager
Offering Bonus Spots
Finding Top JVs On Leaderboards
Dealing With JV Request
Processing Refunds
Product Launch Quiz Eclasses 16-23

Course Description

How to launch products and recruit affiliates.

Do you have a great product but are unsure of how to sell it online? Do you find the prospect of selling online and recruiting high-end affiliates to promote your products completely daunting and overwhelming?

If so, this course will provide you with the practical information and knowledge you need to launch successful products and make a phenomenal income from your sales within thirty days.

Howard Lynch is an expert Internet Marketer, whose last product launch grossed $17k IN ITS FIRST WEEK! During this time, he grew his email marketing list from 500 to over 6,000 subscribers and generated a passive stream of income. During this over-the-shoulder course, Howard allows you to delve into his own, sales accounts and earnings from his previous launches, providing you with expert, insider knowledge and step-by-step instructions on how you can replicate his success. He also provides plenty of useful recommendations for the best suppliers and platforms to use to create a blueprint for your own, successful product launches.

Watch this practical course today to learn:
• How to create an action plan you can implement to launch your product immediately, using Howard's unique business model
• How you can build an in-demand product, along with a dynamic sales page and creating a smooth, sales funnel that will deliver quick results for your business
• Everything you need to know to attract and incentivise the right JV partners and affiliates
• The tools and websites that Howard uses himself to enable a smoother, easier product launching process
…and much, much more! Follow Howard's expert advice to achieve stellar, online sales results that you could never have imagined!

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Target audience:
• Business owners and entrepreneurs
• Aspiring Internet Marketers
• Affiliate Marketers

About The Mentor

Howard Lynch

Build an online business and make $$$

Howard Lynch is a full-time internet marketer, entrepreneur and digital product creator, who specialises in selling ebooks and producing videos. He is also known for his online courses, which are available via many different platforms, such as Skillshare and Udemy. With extensive knowledge of digital advertising, namely through YouTube ads, Howard has grown his customer base to heights he had never believed possible.

Howard runs many businesses and is primarily known for being an expert in internet marketing. He has built a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers in only two years and has taught over 40,000 students.

Howard specialises in teaching people how to build information-based businesses including how to grow your email lists; how to monetise your followers; how you can make an impact and also become an authority.