Powerful Persuasive Presentation
By Sheena Walker

Powerful Persuasive Presentation

Beginner Level
Created by Sheena Walker
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

26 E-classes
26 E-classes
Smart System Overview
Aims Of Masterclass
Whats Missing With Presentation
What Are The Challenges
S In System
Y In You
S In Stance
T In Tonality
E Scan Stop Technique
M Non Verbal Body Lamguage
What Is The Purpose Of My Presentation
Paint A Portrait Of Your Audience
Design Your Core Message
Identify Key Points
Anchor Key Points
Create An Attention Grabbing Opening
Craft A Powerful Call To Action
Rehearse Your Presentation
Now Edit Your Presentation
Feedback to Improve
Powerpoint Etiquette
Question And Answer Etiquette
Master Your Keynote
Master Speech Model
Master Speech Model 2
Sheena Walker

Course Description

Powerful Persuasive Presentation

Powerful Persuasive Presentation

About The Mentor

Sheena Walker

Sheena Walker Turns Experts into an Authority By Creating World class Programs Conceptual Models and Presentation Skills

Sheena Walker is the creator of " Performance By Design " speaker system, an international speaker, results trainer, radio presenter, and entrepreneur. Sheena is renowned for helping others achieve their goals faster and more effectively than any other speaker or coach.

Sheena has long had a fascination with what makes people outstanding. Her unique background as an athlete, Special Olympics Manager. and national coach with over twenty years of experience ; combined with her education at the University of Stirling , where Sheena studied Business, Marketing, Economics, HR and Media. Sheena offers her clients a truly special coaching experience.

From CEOs, Olympic athletes, and entrepreneurs, Sheena has over twenty years of coaching experience and excellence. She shows her clients how they can position themselves as experts and leaders of their respective fields while also tapping into their competitive edge to set them apart from the crowd, From combining sports and business methodology, Sheena is able to help her clients achieve " the Olympic winning edge".

Sheena is a licensed master practitioner of Neuro - linguistic programming ( NLP) A certified Tony Robbins strategic Results Coach founder of the “Performance By Design" Speaker System. Sheena also has two podcasts, The Corporate Olympian and The Dynamic Voice, and has written for the Global Impact makers
Whether you want to improve on a personal or business level, Sheena's one of a kind of coaching will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

More details on Sheena Walker www.sheenawalker.com