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Mindset For Entrepreneurs
By Alan Wise

How to deal with the devastating effects of stress and anxiety on life and business.

Beginner Level
Created by Alan Wise
Last updated May 19, 2019
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Curriculum For This Course

12 E-classes
12 E-classes
What Is Stress?
What Is Depression?
Symptoms Of Stress
Symptoms Of Anxiety
Symptoms Of Depression
Effects Of Business
Effects Of Business...Continuation
Take Control
Benefits Of Living Without Stress

Course Description

Tips for dealing with stress, depression and anxiety.

Are you constantly worrying about your business, life or money?

Is your stress and anxiety affecting your health and relationships with those around you?

As an entrepreneur, you probably already know that stress is never good for you and is never a positive thing. However, when you're working at full capacity trying to realise your latest, big idea, you may often encounter feelings of stress, anxiety or even depression, which will ultimately will affect your results and impact on every area of your life.

Everyone experiences feelings of stress, depression or anxiety from time to time; how we deal with it is the key.

This course breaks down the concepts of depression, stress and anxiety and offers valuable advice on how you can deal with them while trying to manage your business and life.

Alan Wise is a highly experienced psychotherapist who has practiced in both Europe and the US, with specialisms in insomnia, depression, stress disorders and stress management. He is also an expert witness for the Court and has worked for many years in the medical / legal field, reporting on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) for accident victims.

In this course, Alan provides valuable tips and advice on how to recognise and combat the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety, both in your staff and yourself, reminding you that the human mind and your moods are fully under your own control and there are ways that, with the right mindset, you can literally think yourself happy. The course also describes how the body reacts physically to the mind's emotional state and will teach you the secrets about stress management that will literally change your life, so that you will no longer have to live with the feelings of fear, worry or anxiety that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Watch this essential course today to learn:

• How to empower yourself to understand your mental state and that of your staff, friends and people you interact with.
• The secrets of the workings of the mind in regards to one's emotional moods, so you can learn how to detect the warning signs and act quickly to overcome them
• Why it is so important to keep yourself healthy, both physically and mentally, in order to combat stress, anxiety and depression
• How to keep an eye on your own levels of stress, depression and anxiety, so that you will be more in touch with your feelings and can, ultimately, become stress-free forever.

For more information on Alan and his valuable work, visit www.journeyintothemind.co.uk.

Target audience:
• Anyone who is suffering from stress depression and anxiety
• Entrepreneurs and business owners who are dealing with members of their team that are facing stress
• Anyone who is responsible for people's state of mind in the workplace and life.

About The Expert

Alan Wise

Process your world in a positive way to find harmonious balance and inner contentment.

Alan offers a personalised approach to psychotherapy, with a strong emphasis on Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). For over thirty-five years, he has worked with a large number of individuals, successfully treating a wide array of emotional and behavioural conflicts.

Offering a range of services, including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT and motivational talks, Alan's mission is to restore the mental health and wellbeing of his clients. He achieves this by working closely with them and empowering them with the most effective and efficient methods and tools available.

Alan has written many psychological articles for national newspapers. He has also appeared on TV and been interviewed on BBC Radio, discussing a variety of health-related topics. His specialised knowledge makes his talks both fascinating and enlightening, informative in their content, lively in spirit and life-changing in their outcome. Alan's talks allow people, particularly employees, to voice their concerns in a confidential and safe environment, without feeling pressured or judged. With his extensive knowledge and experience, audiences can learn how to process their world in a positive way. They learn to relax, compartmentalise and gain new confidence to deal with the tasks in hand.

Alan helps people to find a new lease of life and motivation and understand themselves better, to build self-awareness, improve their quality of living, and explore their potential and measuring of human existence.

For more information on Alan, visit www.journeyintothemind.co.uk.