Millionaire Vs Billionaire
By Grant Cardone

Millionaire Vs Billionaire

Intermediate Level
Created by Grant Cardone
Last updated May 12, 2021
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7 E-classes
Meeting Mr Grant Cardone
Waste Of Money
Sell Or Be Sold
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Course Description

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a millionaire and billionaire mindset?

In this exclusive John Lee and Grant Cardone interview, Grant shares some top advice on sales, social media branding and how he manages his life and his money. Find out why Grant doesn’t invest all of his money in his own businesses, and why you shouldn’t either.

Grant also shares with us his famous 10X methodology and lets us know exactly what it takes to 10X your business in different areas, as well as in your personal life journey.

Success leaves clues and Grant draws back the curtains to shed light on being entrepreneurial, dreaming big and how he prioritises what is important to him - being a husband, father and businessman.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but there are few that manage to balance family, relationships and working every day to build an empire. Power couple Grant and Elena Cardone are working towards their legacy and leaving their mark on this earth for now and generations to come. Both have overcome many obstacles and have turned their pain into fuel.

Grant walks through what has made him the man he is today, from his childhood setbacks to having a relentless hunger for success. At age 16, he promised his Mum that if he were ever to become successful, he would make sure he helps as many people as he humanly could. During his talk with John Lee, Grant shares how he made it and how you can create the ultimate life that you desire, all you need is to 10X your ambition and endurance.

Grant Cardone is proof that your past does not define your future. The uplifting news is that you have the power to change your current situation.

Watch this essential course today to learn:
• The Mindset of abundance thinking
• What assets you should be investing in to get a high return
• The top brand players you should be studying the moves of
• How to sell the value-driven way and why you should monetise

Target Audience:
• Anyone interested in personal development, mindset and business
• Anyone who wants to build sales confidence and communication skills
• Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to generate a substantial income

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About The Mentor

Grant Cardone

Build an empire and then make cash the king

Meet Grant Cardone. A New York Times Best-Selling Author, CEO of Cardone Capital, 10 X, Sales Trainer, Entrepreneur, Family Man, and Philanthropist. Grant made a promise that if he were ever successful, he would make sure he helped a lot of people. He is the product of all his consistent hard work, self-education, struggles and successes. Grant believes that ‘success is your duty and responsibility.’

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a millionaire and billionaire mindset?

Grant is renowned for making his mark in the Real Estate Industry. Grant also launched the 10X Growth Conference, Cardone University, Cardone Capital, Cardone Foundation and authored seven sales and business books. He is a social media influencer and international speaker who also specialises in business and how to 10X your sales.

Grant’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t start this way. He grew up without a father figure in his life and no one stepped up to guide him. This fuelled his ambition to achieve success and to give back to communities. With his teaching, he wanted to draw back the curtains and be transparent about how he made it. So others too can live life fulfilling their purpose.

Grant began his journey honing in on his sales skills, working as a car sales dealer. Fast forward to today, Grant Cardone and internet marketer Frank Kern have teamed up to create Cardone Kern Branding Agency. People know Grant for what he does on Instagram to blow up Cardone Capital. This is a big opportunity to utilise social media for business. You have to have products to sell, add value to people’s lives and monetise. Instead of thinking keep the expenses low, think how big the opportunity is!

In the words of Grant, ‘don’t live a life of less.’

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