Mastering your finance
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10 videos with information, stories and exercises to help you how to manage your finance.

Beginner Level
Created by Paolo Debernardi
Last updated June 20, 2021
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  • 41:35 on-demand video
  • Available on iOS and Android

You learn how to manage your finance better

  • Strength your mindset
  • Setting up goals
  • Compound effect
  • Budget and cashflow
  • Other People money
  • Reduce your utility bills
  • Increase your income in 4 videos part

Curriculum For This Course

10 E-classes
10 E-classes
Goal Setting
Compound Effect
Other Peoples Money
Reduce Your Utility Bills
Increase Your Income Part 1
Increase Your Income Part 2
Increase Your Income Part 3
Increase Your Income Part 4

Your desire to learn and improve your life

  • You require to have hand all your personal information so you can action to master your finance.

Course Description

Mastering your finance is an online course helping you to be in control of your finance with information, stories and exercises in 10 videos.

Mastering your finance is an online course helping you to be in control of your finance. The first video will strength your mindset. The following videos will help you to set your goals and manage your income and outgoings in order to budget your finance.

How to master your finance

  • This online course will help you to be in control financially, reducing your liabilities and increasing your monthly cashflow.

This course has been created to help individuals

This online course has been created to help individuals to achieve full control of their finance and improve their lives so they can overcome any future events e.g. loosing job or increase of costs of living.

About The Mentor

Paolo Debernardi

Helping people to master their finance

Paolo Debernardi has a passion for helping others transform their lives through mastering their finances. Paolo is a published author of two books of short stories and has an ever-growing credit list for appearances on television and film.

Paolo grew up in Casale Monferrato, Italy and went on to attend the College San Carlo where he gained his Accountancy Diploma in 1994.

For over twenty years, Paolo has worked in the Finance industry. At the beginning of his career, Paolo worked in Italy but decided in 1997 that he wanted to emigrate to the United Kingdom. Since settling in the United Kingdom, Paolo has worked in both the Finance and Mortgage industries.

Paolo enjoys writing short stories and has two published two books of short stories. The first ‘Twelve Wonders’ was released in 2010 and the second ‘Thrumming Heart Echoing with The Ticking Clock’ was published in 2018. As well as writing, Paolo has a passion for dance and acting; having worked on multiple movies such as The Harry Hill Movie and appearing on television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance.

If you want to master your finances and achieve your then Paolo’s coaching is for you.