Market Yourself On YouTube
By Jon Penberthy

Use YouTube to drive traffic to your website, create leads and earn a fortune.

Beginner Level
Created by Jon Penberthy
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

23 E-classes
23 E-classes
The Keyword
Prep For Domination
Assignment 1
Finding The Key
Assignment 2
Keyword Overload
Assignment 3
Go To Camera
Creating Awesome Videos Part 1
YouTube quiz Eclasses 1-6
Creating Awesome Videos Part 2
Assignment 4
How To Rock YouTube
Assignment 5
Optimising: From The Top
Optimising: Write It Down
Optimising: Tag It
Assignment 6
Backlinks Explained
How To Backlink
YouTube quiz Eclasses 7-13

Course Description

Simple method to win more sales with YouTube.

The evolution of the Internet has meant that millions of people are now able to earn a living online by monetising their skills and knowledge. Specifically, YouTube is consistently mentioned as one of the best platforms for generating revenue. However, it's not as simple as just posting a random video and hoping for the best. In order to take full advantage of the power of YouTube to promote your business, there are some simple things you need to learn first.

In this highly engaging course, Jon Penberthy, an extremely successful Internet marketer and entrepreneur, will guide you through his own, simple method of driving traffic to your website via YouTube, which cannot fail to generate leads and increase your revenue. By using Jon's foolproof method, you will learn how to publish videos that rank on the first page of YouTube and Google search results, thus increasing your views and subscribers. This is a skillset you can master quickly and easily that will enhance your business beyond your wildest expectations!

Watch this practical and useful course to discover:

• How to find the right keywords to ensure you're targeting the exact audience you want
• Jon's two, recommended formulae for creating successful videos that people are more likely to watch and engage with
• The two types of YouTube channel and when you should use one versus the other
• How to optimise your videos correctly so they appear# on the first page of search results every time
• Why backlinks are important for increasing the chances of your videos ranking highly and giving them an extra boost, so even more people will see them.

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Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Anyone who wants to understand how YouTube works in order to start driving traffic to their website

About The Mentor

Jon Penberthy

Use the power of the internet to drive sales

Jon Penberthy is an internet marketing wizard who built his online business from scratch to earn in excess of $30k per month! He has been marketing online for around seven years and, during that time, has reached millions of people; built an email list of over 227k leads and generated literally millions of dollars in the process.

Even as a schoolboy, Jon dreamed of building and managing his own business. Despite not doing particularly well at school, where he was often involved in fights and considered the class clown, Jon went on to college to study catering and become a chef. However, between shifts, Jon also worked on building an eBay buying and selling business, often until the early hours of the morning, plugging away until he started to see some results.

From here, Jon became fascinated by online and affiliate marketing, which led to his interest in video marketing. Having undertaken considerable research and studying, Jon discovered the importance of keywords and video ranking; he started to generate traffic, leads and sales and went on to build his incredibly successful, six-figure business, Frontline Marketer.

Jon teaches other people his methods and systems and some of his students have gone on to enjoy $1,000 days, simply by following his advice. Frontline Marketer focuses on teaching people how to drive more traffic to their websites, generate more leads and, ultimately, increase sales. Jon is now widely considered an internet marketing expert and an absolute authority in traffic and lead generation.

In 2017, Jon married his wife, Amy, and they live in Canterbury in the UK.

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