Love And Business
By Viola Edward

Learn to maintain a loving relationship with your partner whilst running a business together.

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Created by Viola Edward
Last updated June 21, 2021
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What will I learn?

  • The fundamentals of building a business with your loved one.
  • The importance of coaching, mentoring and therapy when starting a business with your partner.

Curriculum For This Course

14 E-classes
14 E-classes
Common Areas, Same Dream
Uncommon Qualities And Same Dream
The Loving Partners In Business
Creating Business Whilst You Work For Others
Missing 5
Business Vision
Love and Business Quiz Eclasses 1-6
Humankind's Deepest Longing
Disagreement In Business Doesn't Have To Be An Argument
Balance In Power
Why Loving Partners Cannot Be Business Partners
Long Distance
Letting Love In
Love and Business Quiz Eclasses 7-12

Course Description

Advice on building a business with your significant other.

On the surface, working with your spouse or partner might seem like a dream come true. You get to spend the majority of your time together, combining your skills and interests to earn a profit. What could be wrong with that?

However, any entrepreneur will know how time-consuming and stressful starting and running a business can be. When you're working with your significant other, it can be even more challenging to make time to devote to hobbies and spending time with family and friends. In addition to this, even though you and your partner may share many of the same values and interests, we all have different talents, strengths and weaknesses and, in order to create a successful business, there is a need to recognise these in each other, as well as always keep the lines of communication open, in order to ensure you have the same vision for your business.

Viola Edward is an award-winning psychotherapist, speaker and relationship coach who, for the past fourteen years, has enjoyed a loving and fulfilling relationship with her husband, with whom she also runs a successful business. In this course, she will provide tips and advice on how you and your partner can maintain a loving relationship whilst running a business together.

Whether you are considering starting a new business with your partner, or need some guidance with resolving conflict within your existing business, by watching this course, you will discover how to maintain a positive connection with your partner and build the successful business you both dream of.

Watch this interesting course to learn:

• Why it is important for you to both respect and admit to your weaknesses, as well as strengths, in order to understand your vision for your business and be more realistic in your approach
• The importance of asking for assistance and the advantages of coaching, mentoring and therapy in helping you to enjoy a positive, business relationship with your significant other
• Useful advice on how to make the transition from working in a paid job to running a business with your partner
• How to know if it is the right time to start a business and the elements you need to have in place to get you off to the best possible start
• The importance of not taking your partner for granted and overcoming disagreement between you
• What to do if your business relationship with your significant other is not working.

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Target audience:
• Couples who want to start a new business venture
• Couples who already run a business together and need assistance with conflict resolution.

About The Mentor

Viola Edward

Find the clarity to succeed in your world.

Viola Edward is an award-winning psychotherapist, speaker, coach, image consultant, and breathwork coaching trainer. She is also the author of the books Breathing the Rhythm of Success and Who Makes the Bed?

By customizing her own process of self-development, Viola has adapted and improved her own skills to create a truly personalized support framework, tailored to her client's needs.

Viola grew up in Lebanon where her father's early and sudden death, followed by migration and civil war, prevented a stable childhood upbringing and resulted in her move to Venezuela.

Through hard work and study in Caracas, Viola added Spanish to her knowledge of Arabic, English, and French, completing high school and college through night classes. She went on to become a successful Marketing Manager but, as her ambition was to become a Psychotherapist, she made the decision to become a patient in Psychoanalysis, followed by attending group therapy in Transactional Analysis. Viola also took various courses in meditation, breathwork/rebirthing and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and, in 1993, gave up her marketing career to pursue her dreams of bridging the gap between psychotherapy and business management.

Viola went on to found the Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela, a successful, holistic, breathwork therapy centre with her sister. This was followed by the creation of Edward & Associates Business Consultancy, which focused on bringing Transpersonal Psychotherapy into the world of Human Resources.
During this time, Viola became increasingly involved in numerous, holistic, business consulting processes and women's rights, giving several international lectures and seminars. Her book, La Conciencia del Exito y el Arte de Renacer (Breathing the Rhythm of Success), was published in 1999 and translated into English and Turkish.

In 2003, she and her husband, Michael decided to set up home in Cyprus. Together, they established Kayana, a business focused on personal and organisational development, where Viola developed her role as a relationship coach, holistic psychotherapist and breathworker. She also became a colour and image consultant and continues to be involved in these areas across the personal and corporate sectors.

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