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How To Take Your Brand Global
by Kubi Springer

Take your brand global to attract new customers and increase your revenue.

Beginner Level
Created by Kubi Springer
Last updated May 20, 2019
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Curriculum For This Course

13 E-classes
13 E-classes
Let's Deal With The Basics
Is Your Brand Ready?
Find A Hungry Market
Define Your Edge
Secure Local Partnership
Global Branding Quiz Eclasses 1-5
Learn The Cultural Nuances
The Necessity Of PESTLE
Digital Has No Respect For Boundaries
Glocal Not Global
Global Branding Quiz Eclasses 6-10

Course Description

How to globalise your brand.

Your business is doing well in your own country and your brand is becoming recognised nationally. But how do you take that next step to take your brand global? There is a common misconception among business owners that if a brand works locally, it will also work abroad, but, more often than not, this is not the case. Even huge businesses, like Apple and McDonalds, are aware of cultural nuances and the need to tweak their products and services so that they resonate with an international audience.

Kubi Springer is a freelance brand specialist, public speaker and marketing expert based in London, UK, and the creator of the SheBuildsBrands online learning portal, which brings together some of the best freelance marketers, strategic thinkers and content creators from around the world. She is also a trainer and the host and producer of her own chat show, The SheBuildsBrandsShow, which is broadcast live every week on Channel Radio and via Facebook Live and Instagram.

Having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Nike, L’Oréal, MTV and BlackBerry, Kubi is perfectly placed to advise you on how to globalise your brand, in her own lively, engaging and entertaining way. In this course, you will discover the important steps you need to take to decide which countries you are going to target and how to define and tweak your brand to make it relevant for an international audience.

Watch this practical and easy-to-understand course today to learn:

• how to decide which countries have a requirement for your products and services, so that you will always make informed decisions
• the importance of securing local partnerships to help you understand the cultural differences of the countries you are looking to do business in
• essential tips on how to research and evaluate the individual countries in order to ensure there is a demand for your products and services
• how to harness the power of social media and manage it on a global scale.

For more resources from Kubi, visit www.shebuildsbrands.com.

Target audience:
• Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to start trading internationally
• Freelancers, start-up and micro business owners who want to attract international customers but don’t have a huge budget

About The Expert

Kubi Springer

International Brand Marketing Consultant

Kubi was born in 1978 and brought up in London. In pursuit of her original dream to become a professional dancer, she trained at the Royal Academy of Arts and began gaining commercial work, until an injury sustained at the age of seventeen halted her ambition. At eighteen, Kubi started working for Essence Magazine in the USA and then returned to the UK to study Commercial Music.

Whilst in her second year at University, Kubi gained an internship with PR guru, Rachel B, which provided her with valuable, international event marketing experience. Upon graduating, Kubi landed herself a contract with IMN (Information Management Network), where she worked with some high-profile brands, such as PriceWaterHouseCoopers and Goldman Sachs, ensuring they had sufficient branding at high-profile events, as well as working with Diddy's marketing agency, Blue Flame.

When she was twenty-three years old, Kubi began working with Eddie Morales (choreographer to Justin Timberlake), to help raise his profile in the UK. The success of this project enabled Kubi to become known as 'the young girl who builds brands', leading to some extremely high-profile contracts. Three years later, she was appointed the youngest Head of Marketing and Brand Communications for the MOBO Awards, and at thirty-one, she became the Director of Brand Communications and Commercial Development for Sky Channel OH TV. During that year, she helped OH TV to increase their website hits from 200,000 per month to 2.9 million unique users, which generated a 45% increase with online advertisers and channel sponsors.

In 2009, Kubi started partnering with some of the best freelance marketers, strategic thinkers and content creators from around the world. Together they are known as The SBB Collective. Renowned for specialising in the creative sectors - fashion and beauty, health and wellbeing, media and entertainment, luxury and lifestyle - The Collective works with global powerhouses and high profile personal brands. Under the direction of Kubi, The Collective help brands dominate their domestic market and expand internationally.

Kubi has one daughter and lives in London.

For more information on Kubi, visit www.shebuildsbrands.com.