How To Hunt For High Ticket Clients
By Maximilian Newton

How To Hunt For High Ticket Clients

Beginner Level
Created by Maximilian Newton
Last updated June 21, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

10 E-classes
10 E-classes
What Is Prospecting And Why Is It Important
Preparation And Who You're Targeting
Ideal Client Persona
Demonstrating Track Record
Researching Your Ideal Client Generating A List
Presentation / Meeting
Post Proposal Meeting
Ask For The Business
When You Have The Business Manage The Client

Course Description

Discover the steps you need to take your business to the next level and achieve the results you desire with Maximillion Newton’s ‘How To Hunt For High Ticket Clients’.

Does this sound like you? You’ve just started a business or you’ve had your business for a little while but you’re just not getting the growth or results you want?

You know that your product or service is fantastic but you can’t convince people to spend their money on it.

In ‘How To Hunt For High Ticket Clients’, Maximillion Newton shows you the steps you need to take to get the results you want and accelerate your growth levels. Maximillion has studied the most successful business and entrepreneurs and he will show you how to go from a complete novice, to a business owner who could walk into any room and speak to anyone and convince them to purchase anything!

Learn how to stand out from your competitors by purchasing Maximillion Newton’s ‘How To Hunt For High Ticket Clients’ today!

About The Mentor

Maximilian Newton

Outbound Sales Coach, Consultant, Founder of Invisible Salespro

Maximilian Newton is a sales coach, mentor and consultant. As founder of his sales mentoring business, Invisible Salespro, he helps entrepreneurs and business leaders win more clients, increase sales conversion and permanently eradicate the possibility of being stuck, unsure or fearful about their sales.

Maximilian grew up in South London, describing his schooling as ‘pretty rough’. However, he managed to achieve high grades in English and English Literature. Although he was quite talented and gifted, Maximilian realised that he was relying on the fact he was talented and mistakenly thought that there was no need to make any effort. After completing GCSEs, where he ended up with mostly average grades, he realised that he needed to try harder in order to succeed and be the person he wanted to be.

Upon graduating from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Political Science and Government, in 2012, Maximilian began an internship in the property industry. He then became a Lettings Valuer with a well-known estate agent, Foxtons, working his way up from the bottom of the fiercely competitive, London real estate agency league table, to become a Lettings Manager with Kinleigh, Folkard and Hayward, another leading, London estate agent. He achieved this by constantly upgrading his skills and fuelling his confidence with motivation and courage.

In 2018, Maximilian decided that he wanted to focus his energies on helping the next generation of salespeople to get more comfortable with selling in order to achieve business growth and excellence, and formed his sales mentoring consultancy, Invisible Salespro.

The aim of Invisible Salespro is to generate leads and deliver results and set their clients’ businesses on the path to success. They help clients improve, achieve and maintain excellence, creating bespoke strategies that are designed to strike the heart of the most challenging aspects of business.

Invisible Salespro also helps individuals develop their businesses and careers, with a general focus on personal development, to achieve the lifestyles they want and enable them to go through life with conviction and certainty. By utilising both classic and modern sales techniques, they can help you achieve business growth and excellence, whilst their personal coaching methods help clients become achievement-orientated winners.

Invisible Salespro’s sales mentoring is immersive, ongoing, and one-on-one, rather than traditional-style classroom mentoring that doesn’t deliver the focus and engagement required for new levels of discipline. All of their expert mentors live and breathe high performance and have the experience to make you precisely that – a high performer.

Maximilian is engaged to his fiancée, Monique and lives in London.

For more information about Maximilian, visit