How To Get Your Business Off The Ground
By Eric Ho

Important tips and crucial information for new business owners.

Beginner Level
Created by Eric Ho
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

6 E-classes
6 E-classes
How To Create The Perfect Product Or Service
The Invisible Man
The Poor Mans Mentality
Pitch Perfect
Sell or Suck
Rainy Day

Course Description

Top tips and information to make your new business fly!

Starting your own business isn't for the faint-hearted and requires your complete focus and dedication. With 90% of all new businesses failing within the first five years, it takes more than just a great idea to increase your chances of long-term success.

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator and author, who specialises in business systems, peak performance, motivation, franchising, sales, business and management training.

During this course you will learn:
• the simple (and often totally free!) techniques to raise your business's profile and increase your visibility
• the various avenues of finance available to raise the capital you need for your business venture
• the tried-and-tested pitching techniques that will attract investors and sell your product / service effectively
• how a positive attitude towards selling will entice your customers to buy from you
• strategies to protect your business and manage your finances more efficiently
• how systemizing your business can contribute towards your financial freedom.

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Target audience:

• Entrepreneurs and new business owners

About The Mentor

Eric Ho

Let your franchisees pay you to grow your brand.

Eric Ho specialises in business systems, peak performance, motivation, franchising, sales, business and management training.

From a very young age, Eric dreamed of success. Despite dropping out of college at the age of nineteen and starting right at the bottom, working in a burger van, he went on to form various, highly prosperous businesses, from the largest tyre and steel export company in the UK, to an international events company and his own, quick service restaurant franchise. This entrepreneurial drive enabled him to achieve complete financial freedom, owning luxury houses and supercars by the age of only twenty-four.

Eric is committed to helping people discover their own potential in order to lead a life of health, wealth and happiness. He has spoken throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, teaching courses and holding seminars in Vietnam, Beijing, Holland, India and China, to name a few. He has spoken at the Entrepreneurs’ Summit in Delhi, the International Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in Beijing and at the International Franchise Exhibition at London Olympia, as well as many other, international events. Sharing the stage with high-profile, entrepreneurial icons, such as Richard Branson and the former Dragon’s Den investor, James Caan, Eric has motivated and inspired countless individuals and proves that, with the right guidance, determination and hard work, anyone can achieve the financial freedom they long for.

He is also dedicated to giving back to society and helping those less fortunate. Through his own, non-profit organisation, H-Giving, Eric has built an orphanage and school in Western Kenya which, today, houses and educates hundreds of schoolchildren.

He has also formed a partnership with Oxfam, whilst supporting various charities in Africa, China and Zambia.

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