How To Find Out What To Sell That Makes Money

Give people what they want and get paid.

Beginner Level
Created by John Lee
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

9 E-classes
9 E-classes
How Do You Know What To Sell?
A Powerful Way To Find Out What People Want
Why Do People Buy?
Assignment One
How Do You Feel?
Make Your MVP
Assignment Two
Quiz (Eclasses 1-6)

Course Description

How to source products and services that sell.

How do you know what to sell that will make you money? In this course, John Lee, the master in sales, will show you how to go about finding the right products and services that people would pay for. Sometimes, people don't even know they have a need for your products or services until you create it for them. 

This course will teach you some of the most powerful reasons why people make purchasing decisions and how to connect with them on an emotional level to influence their buying decisions in your favour, increase your bottom line and super-charge your revenue stream.

You will learn about the psychology behind the sales process and how you can ensure that there is a constant demand for your product or service.

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Target audience:
• sales professionals looking to increase their revenues
• anyone considering a career in sales or who is new to sales

About The Mentor

John Lee

Everyone can create a passive income and become financially free.

John Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons Group plc. If you dream of becoming a millionaire and want to build up a profitable business empire from scratch, prepare to be inspired!

John was born to Chinese parents who ran a takeaway in the north of England, where he helped out washing dishes from the age of eleven. He attended University, gaining a first class honours degree in Animation and began a career as an animator.

After five years of hard graft, John decided that he no longer wished to work to simply line his employer’s pockets and began investing. By the age of twenty-seven, he had built up a highly lucrative property portfolio and was a self-made millionaire!

Since then, John has inspired thousands of people, through seminars and one-to-one mentoring, to build successful businesses and receive global acclaim. He has gained his own, international reputation as a motivational speaker, sharing stages with the likes of Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) and Randi Zuckerberg.

John’s achievements are the result of continuous, hard work and a relentless determination to succeed. He is inspired by his students’ success and dedicated to showing others how, by simply following his advice, they can also realise their dreams of financial freedom.

John now divides his time between the UK and Asia, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to take control of their lives the way he did. His motto in life is “Do what others don’t and have a tomorrow that others won’t!”

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