Get People To Pay The Price You Want
by Andrew Bailey

Learn the most effective, value-based pricing strategies to increase your profits.

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Created by Andrew Bailey
Last updated June 20, 2021
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12 E-classes
12 E-classes
About This Course
Know What Your Value Is
Uncover Your Ideal Customer / Segmentation / Targeting
Customer Definition Positioning
Quantifying Your Differential Value
Pricing Quiz Eclasses 1-4
What Pricing And Fees To Charge
Value Pricing And Fees To Charge
Presenting Your Price
Overcoming Objections
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Course Description

How to sell based on value, rather than price.

As a business owner, you may often wonder if you're charging enough for your products and services, or too much! The price that people are willing to pay often has little to do with the real value of what you're selling. Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with what they PERCEIVE the real value to be. Your competitors may be selling at a lower price, but are they offering the same value as you? And if they aren't, how do you communicate this to your customer effectively, in order to convince them that the value you offer is worth paying extra for?

Andrew Bailey is a pricing, value and negotiation specialist who has helped many businesses, from SMEs to corporate multinationals, to develop their pricing strategies and win more, high-value deals. He provides them with all the tools, methods and direction they need to gain greater control over their pricing, win more high-value deals and ultimately increase profits.

In this course, Andrew will teach you to think about pricing in the right way. You will understand how to differentiate your product or service offering and communicate it with clarity and confidence, so you can move away from competing on price and start positioning your business based on the value you provide to customers. He will encourage you to define your value proposition, so you no longer become a commodity and will never have to become involved with competing on price.

By watching this course you will learn:

• How to define your value proposition in order to improve your profit margin, pricing and start earning the profits you deserve
• How to identify your ideal customer and decide which products and services will appeal to them to such an extent that they will be willing to pay a premium price for the value they receive
• The five, crucial steps in creating a compelling value proposition that will clearly differentiate you and position you as being far more valuable than your competitors
• The different types of pricing strategy available and the tactics you can use to engage customers and help them through the decision making process
• Crucial tips and advice on how to present your price in a confident and compelling way and overcome any objections you may face.

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Target audience:
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Anyone who is involved in sales and wants to sell based on value, rather than price.

About The Mentor

Andrew Bailey

Helping companies and business owners win more high-value deals and achieve the profits they deserve.

Andrew Bailey is a pricing, value and negotiation expert who runs Commercial Strategy 4, which offers consultancy services, workshops and mentoring programmes to help and inspire businesses to develop their pricing strategy. He provides them with the tools, methods and direction to gain greater control over their pricing, win more high-value deals and ultimately increase profits.

Whether speaking to a small group of business leaders or a large, conference audience, Andrew's talks on pricing, value and negotiation are packed with real life experiences and practical 'how-to' information that his audience can start implementing immediately.

Andrew works with many businesses, from corporate multinationals to SMEs across a range of industries, including construction, consumer goods, online retailing, IT, printing, leisure, professional services and education. He has extensive experience of helping businesses and people win high-value deals and achieve better pricing strategies.

Andrew gained his pricing and sales operations experience whilst working for Bass Brewers and Coors Brewers in various, senior / director level roles, prior to founding Commercial Strategy 4. Having negotiated and secured many multi-million pound deals, Andrew considers himself a practitioner first and, therefore, knows what works and what doesn't in real situations. He has published an e-book on Amazon and is currently in the process of writing his second book on Pricing, Value and Negotiating. He is also regularly asked to contribute to other publications and his knowledge, tools and techniques are available through an online, mentoring programme.

In 1998, Andrew achieved an MBA in International Business, Brand & Marketing, Business Strategy and Financial Management from the Nottingham Business School, where he is a regular guest lecturer. He has been recognised and awarded Fellowships by a number of business organisations, including the Chartered Institute of Directors and the Chartered Management Institute. In addition, he is a qualified mentor and coach, Non-Executive Director on a significant education Board and Trust and a judge on the IoD 'Director of the Year Awards'.

Andrew is passionate about inspiring his audiences and clients to take action and start earning what they deserve. He believes that by combining the right commercial strategy with a confident pricing approach, both executed with great sales and negotiating skills, you will hit a sweet spot that enables you to deliver outstanding results.

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