Fight The Fear
By Mandie Holgate

Beat your negative mindset to get the results you want!

Beginner Level
Created by Mandie Holgate
Last updated June 21, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

12 E-classes
12 E-classes
Fear Of Success
Fear Of Asking For Help
Fear Of Saying No
Fight the Fear Quiz Eclasses 1-6
Fear Of Public Speaking
Fear Of Phoning People
Fear Of Looking Stupid
Fear Of What Others Think
Fear Of Asking For What You Want
Fear Of Taking Time Out
Fight the Fear Quiz Eclasses 7-12

Course Description

How to fight your fears to achieve success.

Do you have fears that you believe are impacting on your success in life? Do you fear failure, public speaking, asking for what you want, saying no or just being YOU? The only way to deal with these fears and get the results you want is to change your mindset.

Believe it or not, everyone has fears in both their professional and personal lives, but no matter how successful you are, there will always be an opportunity to 'power up'. Not all fears are obvious; some are good at hiding in our sub consciousness. However, no matter what your fears are, by watching this course you will learn proven strategies, skills and techniques to deal with the everyday situations you may currently try to avoid, so that nothing restricts you from achieving your goals. You will be able to manage your fears, gain positive results and supercharge your professional and personal life.

Are you ready to take action and eliminate those fears once and for all? Watch this highly informative and engaging course to learn:

• How to define your values, so you will always be focused on what matters to you
• Useful exercises to help you think more positively, so you can eliminate those negative voices in your head
• How to challenge negative emotions that you hold and convince yourself and others that you are, in fact, awesome!
• The importance of focusing on what you are doing, rather than what others are doing, so that you can stay on your own path to success
• Tips and techniques to be a more confident, public speaker, so that you can communicate in a way that makes people feel more connected to you.

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Target audience:

• Executives, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Instructors, Marketers, Small Business Owners
• Anyone who has fears and wants to improve self-esteem

About The Mentor

Mandie Holgate

Passionate about business women’s success.

Mandie Holgate is a successful business coach and founder of the Business Woman's Network (BWN). She is the author of 'Fight the Fear, How to Change your Negative Mindset and Win at Life', which has been described as a life-changing.

Mandie Holgate is a businesswoman, keynote speaker, author and coach who offers personalised training for companies and individuals looking to increase their sales and profit, improve networking skills, overcome fears, achieve goals and boost their confidence and motivation. She has worked with SMEs, entrepreneurs and professionals for many years and understands the need to gain new skills to grow and sustain your business.

Mandie works with clients to understand what needs to happen in order to achieve success and helps them to take action. She has worked with clients from companies such as Lloyds, Institute of Directors, Anglia Ruskin University and many others. She is also a Business Mentor and Coach and in the Growth Accelerator programme.

As founder of the BWN, Mandie offers focused networking for all businesswomen. Members and their guests can develop their training and skills in areas such as sales, marketing and public speaking, build positive business relationships, learn from key speakers and showcase their own products and services. She has also successfully used social networking to gain clients and even national TV PR opportunities for her clients and herself.

Mandie is described by international speaker and trainer Steve Clarke (Eureka Sales Ltd) as 'Tigger on Redbull, powered by Duracell'! In 2015, she was also named by Woman's Own Magazine as one of their inspirational women of the year.

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