Eradicate Anger And Bitterness
By Siphiwe Ngubane

Eradicate Anger And Bitterness

Beginner Level
Created by Siphiwe Ngubane
Last updated November 15, 2019
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Learn how to cope with anger and bitterness.

  • Learn to remove anger and associated negative emotions from your life.
  • Get a better understanding with your business partners and family.
  • Deal with you past and find a peace of mind.
  • Cope better with past traumatic events in your life.
  • Take back control of your emotions and feelings.

Curriculum For This Course

8 E-classes
8 E-classes
Anger Module 1
Physical Impact Of Anger
Self Introspections
Reporting Anger

Course Description

“Human beings are greater than the sum of their parts” by Aristotle. While it is true that we are physical beings, we each have souls.

This is one significant human part which has, over the years lost the significant attention it deserves. The soul is sheltered within our bodies. Not only are both aspects of a human being related, they are interrelated. This means that a disturbance in one aspect also has negative effects on the other.

Within this course you will gain insight into the meaning of anger, bitterness or resentment and how these human emotions can have negative impact to our emotional spiritual and physical wellbeing and to others. Some signs of living with anger and bitterness will be discussed; along with a brief deliberation of physical detoxification and the importance emotional detoxification; a strategy of promoting wholistic wellness.

You will not only be able to have an opportunity to reflect on some of your experiences which might have led to being upset, but you will also learn the steps to getting rid of this emotional toxin; in a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere. After acquiring this skill, you will then be able to apply it in many other similar situations.

About The Mentor

Siphiwe Ngubane

Enhance your business by overcoming the inner toxic monster which hinders progress and success

Dr Siphiwe Nxumalo Ngubane is the founder and director of MT Conquerors Company. The aim of MT Conquerors is to empower others in maximising their potential, to enhance productivity and to support people as they go through various stages and challenges of life. Siphiwe is passionate about helping others and she receives great joy in seeing others succeed. ‘The success of others is my oxygen.’

Siphiwe has worked in Healthcare for nearly 30 years and has always been struck by the vast gap between physical and mental health support available to those in need. For example, someone with a broken arm can walk into accident and emergency (A&E) and receive the treatment they need almost straight away, whilst someone going through a mental health breakdown would be lucky to be seen within six months.

Whilst working as a general nurse, Siphiwe has worked with numerous people suffering with mental illness. While some she was able to support as they began their journey to recovery this was not always the case. Siphiwe is proud of the moments of calm and relief she is able to provide those at their darkest of times.

In her previous role as a lecturer (at the Nazarene nursing college Swaziland, now known as the Southern African Nazarene University: SANU), Siphiwe received praises for her excellent teaching methods. She always allocated five minutes at the beginning of every lecture to empower students of various life principles. For example, “how to perceive for success through difficult times; making the best decisions in difficult situations” to name a few.

Siphiwe does this to encourage students to become the very best versions of themselves and specially to support them in other social areas of their lives. As a result, some students would open up and approach Siphiwe for support and help, even after lecturers, seeking for more information and guidance. This provided Siphiwe with inner satisfaction of being able to support her students holistically, not just academically.

From her experience as a nurse to a lecturer, Siphiwe has a unique perspective on mental health. With her focus on the recovery model, Siphiwe is able to help people live with mental illnesses and or recover from it, so that they can maximise their potential. She does this all while aiming to promote programmes that reduce mental illness and aims to reduce the mortality of those suffering from mental illnesses.