Energy In The Boardroom

Learn how to utilise your natural energy to achieve maximum results.

Beginner Level
Created by Adam Shaw
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

11 E-classes
11 E-classes
Set Your Energy Space
The Power Of Your Mind
Grounding Your Energy
Be Selfish
Energy quiz Eclasses 1-4
Treat Yourself Better
The Energy Of Confidence
Energy quiz Eclasses 5-8

Course Description

Set your energy levels to get better results.

How aware are you of your own energy and the impact it has on other people? Do you ever encounter situations where you wish we had more confidence, happiness, success and more of an ability to help others?

If you want to know how your personal energy works and increase it to help more people and feel better about yourself, then this course is the one to watch!

Adam Shaw is a popular speaker and trainer who guides people to discover, set and hone their personal energies. In this course, he discusses the power of positive thinking and how powerful the mind can be with the right motivation, as well as the importance of grounding your energy to set a positive energy space and get the results you want. Adam takes you on a journey of self-discovery, providing you with simple and practical exercises that you can start doing immediately, and discussing the importance of listening to and trusting your own intuition.

Watch this informative and enlightening course to discover:

• How to ground yourself so that you are safe to work on your energy and set your energy space in the most positive way to get the results and intention you want
• The power of the mind when you use the right motivation and techniques
• Why it is important to put your needs first so you can help others more effectively
• How to avoid comparing yourself to others so that you can focus on your own, unique talents
• How to change your mindset around bad habits to help you feel better about yourself, your life and your energy.

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Target audience:
• Anyone who would has an interest in the power of energy work and how it can benefit them in every aspect of life
• Those who have challenges interacting with certain people and would like to improve this

About The Mentor

Adam Shaw

Energy follows thoughts!

Adam Shaw is a speaker and trainer who helps people to improve their presentation skills and personal energy. He is the author of 'The Lunatic Gene' and runs a business networking group called For U Networking.

Adam lived for the first seventeen years of his life within the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, where his parents lived and worked as nurses. In 1992, he commenced his nurse training, gaining a degree in Nursing, Health and Wellness, and has worked as a health and wellbeing professional ever since. Having studied Reiki, NLP, hypnosis and channeling, Adam decided to leave the nursing profession in 2007 and, since then, has worked as an independent corporate and team trainer.

Adam's medical background, working in cardiac care units and the Emergency Room, enabled him to learn about the psychology of disease and wellbeing, and become known as 'The Heart Guy'. He also discovered 'The Lunatic Gene', a phenomenon that causes illness and depression.

Adam is an expert on human behaviour and establishing rapport. He now spends his time running For U Networking; training and educating both corporate teams and individuals on 'The Lunatic Gene' and stress management, networking, pitching and team building. He also trains people on public speaking and presenting, as well as how to improve their personal energy in a simple and practical way that everyone can relate to.

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