Eight Pillars Of Sales
by Jermaine Edwards

The hidden principles and strategies needed to create predictable sales growth from your key customers.

Beginner Level
Created by Jermaine Edwards
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

12 E-classes
12 E-classes
Sales Philosophy
Sales Message
Sales Goals
Sales Strategy
Eight Pillars quiz Eclasses 1-5
Sales Process
Sales Skills
Sales Execution
Sales Growth
Deployment Of The Eight Pillars
Eight Pillars quiz Eclasses 6-10
Workbook - Eight Pillars To Predictable And Repeatable Sales

Course Description

Advice on gaining and retaining clients.

This essential course is aimed at salespeople and business owners of all levels. It provides you with expert advice to help you not only get in front of customers, but also to guide you in how to shape your solution to attract and retain them.

By using the eight-pillar framework, Jermaine explains how you can serve your customers more effectively, solve their problems and nurture and add value to your customer relationships, resulting in maximum sales and profits. He will also teach you how to build trust, deepen your influence and create new sales opportunities within your existing customer base.

Many of Jermaine's clients have already generated millions of dollars, simply by using this framework. You can achieve this for your own business, simply by learning and implementing these eight principles today!

Watch this essential course to learn:

• How to define your salespeople's behavior to ensure that your customers always feel valued and secure
• Why it is important to determine your sales message to ensure your business is solving your customers' problems effectively
• How to make sure you build value-based relationships with your customers
• Why you should take the time to define your sales strategy and processes to ensure that they support your strategic goals
• The five, core skills you need to learn that will set you apart from your competition and super-charge your sales results
• How to nurture your customer relationships to grow sales and create more opportunities.

To find out more about Jermaine, visit www.jermaineedwards.com.

Target audience:
• Salespeople of all levels
• Sales managers who are responsible for a team of salespeople
• Entrepreneurs and business owners.

About The Mentor

Jermaine Edwards

Helping you retain and grow your high value customer sales.

Jermaine Edwards helps key account managers, sales leaders, account directors and consultants around the world to become irreplaceable advisers and create predictable, repeatable profit sales growth from their key value customers.

Jermaine has helped hundreds of account managers and companies, such as Speak First, Roche, Gartner and Dale Carnegie, produce results that drive profitable client relationships and repeatable sales growth.

In addition to this, Jermaine is the founder of the Customer Growth Summit, the only summit in the world designed to help sales leaders and B2B organisations create more meaningful, profitable and predictable sales and relationship growth from their customers.

He also specialises in LinkedIn Unbeatable Strategies Coaching, helping key account managers, sales leaders and consultants turn LinkedIn into a genuine platform for consistent sales and relationship results they can replicate.

With a solid sales, training and business development background, Jermaine is perfectly placed to understand the importance of bringing value to his relationships. He is a strategic, innovative and extremely successful sales manager and salesperson.

Working closely with FTSE 100/ Fortune 500 companies globally, he provides unparalleled support and advice on developing their staff to create significant, transformational changes to increase business productivity.

For more information about Jermaine, visit www.jermaineedwards.com.