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E2E-Employee To Entrepreneur
By Kwame Badu

Become an entrepreneur and start your journey today!

Beginner Level
Created by Kwame Badu
Last updated July 24, 2019
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  • 2 Quizzes

Curriculum For This Course

11 E-classes
11 E-classes
Starting With An Idea
Business Planning
Show Me The Funding
From Your Crib To Your Office
E2E Quiz Eclasses 1-4
Social Enterprise
Surprise Job For Entrepreneurs
E2E Quiz Eclasses 5-8
The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

Course Description

Start your own business and realise your 'big idea'.

Are you currently in paid employment but have a fantastic business idea in your mind that you desperately want to transform into a new venture? Perhaps you're wondering whether your idea will work and if you have enough confidence and the self-belief you need to make it a success.

Many businesses fail but, if you're serious enough about going for it, then this course is not to be missed!

This course is for anyone who has a great, business idea and a yearning to become an entrepreneur. Kwame provides you with an overview of all the basic elements involved in starting and running a business, including ideas of where to look for finance. You will learn how to ensure you're clued up on all aspects of running your business to give it every chance of success. Kwame also teaches you how to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses, to ensure you're focusing your skills in the right areas, and hire the staff you need to manage your business efficiently.

Watch this essential course to learn:
• The importance of a business plan in raising capital to fund your business
• The different types of funding available and how to access them
• the elements of a strong business plan and why being able to forecast your cash flow is so crucial to the success of your business
• How to choose the right location for your business
• The importance of using networking and social media to promote your business successfully.

To find out more about Kwame, visit www.blueprintrecruit.com.

Target audience:
• Employees who want to start their own business
• Entrepreneurs and new business owners

About The Expert

Kwame Badu

Improving people's lives through training and recruitment.

Kwame Badu is the founder of the Blueprint Recruitment Group (BRG) and KB Consultants. He is also a property investor, entrepreneur and author of five, self-help e-books, which focus on topics such as job hunting, networking and starting a business.

Kwame studied Biochemistry at the London Metropolitan University and originally embarked on a career in advertising sales, before going into public sector recruitment.

However, he quickly realised that he was simply working to build someone else's dream, rather than his own, which he refers to as 'JOB', or 'just over broke'. In order to achieve the lifestyle and financial freedom he wanted, he knew he needed to change his way of thinking and stop relying on 'linear income'.

Kwame founded Blueprint Recruitment Group (BRG) founded in 2007, a recruitment company based in Canary Wharf that caters to both the public and private sector. BRG has made its name as one of the most successful recruiters in its class, focusing on helping the long-term unemployed to find sustainable employment with housing associations and welfare providers.

In 2011, following the success of BRG and responding to trends in eCommerce, Kwame created FFM (Fastforwardme), an easy-to-use, online recruitment tool, which simplifies the arduous task of job searching and has proven to be an instant success.

Kwame's most recent business venture is a commercial and residential property management service that provides competitive maintenance and sales services across the world.

These achievements have placed Kwame in a position where many people seek his guidance and support in achieving their business and everyday goals. Kwame, therefore, decided to write five, self-help eBooks, focusing on topics such as how to get the job you want, investment and starting a business, as well as the importance of building a network.

Kwame believes the true definition of success is in the creation of a platform that allows you to give back, helping others to overcome obstacles to also achieve their dreams. He is the father of two, beautiful daughters and lives in London.