Digital Marketing Strategies Part 2
By Matt Bernstein

Build a sales funnel and increase your social media following to supercharge your business.

Beginner Level
Created by Matt Bernstein
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

33 E-classes
33 E-classes
Digital Marketing
Introduction To Affiliate MArketing
Getting Started With Content Marketing
Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Getting Started With Websites Marketing Strategies
Start Building An Email List
Clickbank Gravity Score
Clickbank Vendor Sales Pages
Clickbank Commissions And Continuity
Email Marketing
Challenges Of Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Valuable Content
Email Standards
Email Spam Filter
Keep Email Clean
Lead Generation
Conclusion To Email
Hardware And Software
Preparing A Podcast
Podcast Outline
Publishing The Podcast
Mission Statement

Course Description

A continuation form the first segment sharing and informing with you about the skills needed for digital marketing strategies.

Do you want to increase your sales through digital marketing? Are you ready to build a highly lucrative sales funnel and build connections with more customers via social media? If so, you've come to the right place!

Social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter all have thousands of prospective customers waiting to hear from you. By ensuring you have an effective sales funnel set up within your website, you can ensure that these potential customers are driven to your website and will start spending money with you.

This course is the ultimate, beginner's guide to sales funnels and social media marketing and will help you determine the strategies that will launch your business quickly and easily. If you want to dominate social media by building a following that will increase engagement and drive sales, then this comprehensive course is for you.

Matt Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Skillhance, an online education portal that provides access to cutting-edge training courses and supports people to start a sideline, home-based business. In this course, Matt shares the most valuable tips and strategies you need to know to in order to master digital marketing in the right way and create a unified and consistent presence across all platforms.

Watch this course today to learn:

• How to generate traffic to your website by creating compelling front end, upsell and downsell offers that your customers will find irresistible!
• Important tips and tricks on blogging that you can use to attract more of the right customers to your business
• Detailed overviews of the features and functionality of each social media platform, so that you can understand their enormous potential and the role they perform in building your brand
• The types of posts that work hardest to engage your audience and build your following
• Important tools and apps you can use to automate the posting of content and save you valuable time and effort
• The power of customer engagement and how to use your presence on social media to reinforce your audience's connection with you.

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Target audience:
• Business owners and entrepreneurs
• Marketers and Social Media Managers
• Anyone who wishes to establish and / or grow their presence on social media

About The Mentor

Matt Bernstein

Start a successful, online business at an affordable cost.

Matt Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Skillhance, an online education portal that provides access to cutting-edge training courses and supports people to start a sideline, home-based business more quickly and easily. They provide the principles, strategies and technologies that produce real, measurable business results, without the expensive, upfront costs.

While studying to become a Communication Major at the University of Massachusetts, Matt built a successful eBay business. After college, he moved to Boston and founded his first company, Sports Pulse, which involved buying and reselling Topps products.

In 2014, Matt began to create courses to teach people how to become successful eBay sellers and founded Skillhance, a members' only, online education portal that provides useful and engaging courses on every aspect of starting a sideline business. Matt is focused on selling his content across multiple sales channels, runs weekly webinars and has created and maintained a healthy sales funnel, email marketing strategy and digital marketing activities to inspire and attract new customers.

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