Creating Blogs With WordPress
By Matt Bernstein

Design a WordPress blog to drive traffic to your website and build your email marketing list.

Beginner Level
Created by Matt Bernstein
Last updated May 12, 2021
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  • 52:48 on-demand video
  • 2 Quizzes

What Will I Learn?

  • Create a WordPress Blog from scratch
  • Improve an existing WordPress blog to increase conversion rates
  • Increase traffic to your blog
  • Collect more email addresses from the people who read your blog

Curriculum For This Course

18 E-classes
18 E-classes
How to Start a Blog
How to Start Email Marketing with Aweber
How to Purchase a Theme
How To Create A WordPress Blog Using Optimize Press
How To Create A Membership Website Using Optimize Member
How To Download Install And Activate WordPress Plugins
How To Create Product Sales Pages
WordPress Blogs Quiz Eclasses 1-8
How To Create Blog Posts To Market Products
How To Configure WordPress Settings
How To Create A Feature Box To Collect Emails
How To Create A Sidebar Widget To Collect Emails
Using Sidebar Widget To Market Udemy Courses
How To Enable Search Bar On WordPress
How To Enable Popular Blog Posts On The Sidebar
How To Enable Blog Post Categories On The Sidebar
How To Create An About Me Sidebar Widget
WordPress Blogs Quiz Eclasses 9-17


  • No prior blogging knowledge required!
  • Computer with access to the Internet
  • Domain name, hosting plan and email marketing subscription
  • Your own website
  • Purchase of OptimizePress plugin

Course Description

Learn the basics of WordPress to create a professional blog.

Do you want to start blogging but feel your lack of knowledge of current technology is preventing you from getting started?

The truth is it's never been easier to design a fantastic, user-friendly blog and use it to sell your products and services since the birth of WordPress. With WordPress, you can create a professional-looking blog within hours, even with absolutely zero knowledge of HTML or coding.

Matt Bernstein is a master blogger and has discovered the tried-and-tested principles and strategies that produce real, measurable, business results, without the expensive costs, which he will share with you in bite-size, easy-to-learn modules. Learn from someone who is doing what they're teaching!

This course will provide you with step-by-step instructions for designing and creating a blog with WordPress using OptimizePress, and you will also learn how to purchase themes to make your site look more professional. Matt will also teach you how to install and activate plugins, create sales pages and blog posts and configure your WordPress settings.

You will then discover how to integrate sidebar widgets, so that you can start using your sidebar to promote yourself and sort your blog posts into easily searchable categories and topics.

Watch this practical course to learn:

• How to get started in creating a WordPress blog to market your products and services
• How to use OptimizePress in blog posts to create high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership portals
• How to integrate email marketing into your Wordpress blog, so you can collect email addresses and target potential clients more accurately
• How to download and install plugins to make your blog more user-friendly
• How to enable features within WordPress so that they appear on your sidebar and can be easily found by your audience.

Target Audience

  • People who want to create a new blog using WordPress
  • Anyone who wants to improve the features and functionality of their WordPress blog
  • People who want to drive traffic to their websites and sell more products and services.

About The Mentor

Matt Bernstein

Start a successful, online business at an affordable cost.

Matt Bernstein is the founder and CEO of Skillhance, an online education portal that provides access to cutting-edge training courses and supports people to start a sideline, home-based business more quickly and easily. They provide the principles, strategies and technologies that produce real, measurable business results, without the expensive, upfront costs.

While studying to become a Communication Major at the University of Massachusetts, Matt built a successful eBay business. After college, he moved to Boston and founded his first company, Sports Pulse, which involved buying and reselling Topps products.

In 2014, Matt began to create courses to teach people how to become successful eBay sellers and founded Skillhance, a members' only, online education portal that provides useful and engaging courses on every aspect of starting a sideline business. Matt is focused on selling his content across multiple sales channels, runs weekly webinars and has created and maintained a healthy sales funnel, email marketing strategy and digital marketing activities to inspire and attract new customers.

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