Corporate Women: How to Survive & Thrive
a Testosterone World

Corporate Women: How to Survive & Thrive in a Testosterone World

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Created by Drs Joyce Carols
Last updated October 20, 2020
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Joyce Carols

Joyce Carols

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Drs Joyce Carols

Maximize Your Performance and Impact

Drs. Joyce Carols is a Success Mindset Psychologist & Behavioral Expert, Executive Coach, International Speaker and Bestselling Author. She is the Founder and Owner of Enjoy EsC., a Business Development & Executive Coaching Company that carries the brand labels:, and

With a university background in Psychology and Social Sciences, over two decades of international professional experience, Joyce developed into a world renowned Executive Mentor and Corporate Trainer, supporting thousands of people with her strong drive for diversity, inclusion and equality.

She is a former international top sport athlete in both field hockey and acro-diving. She held top management positions in her Corporate Career in well-known Fortune 500 Companies all over the world, before she founded Enjoy Esc. Enjoy EsC, is a Business Development & Executive Coaching Company that offers Success Mindset & Diversity Programs in business and personal development.

Joyce is a strong believer in the power of our mind and diversity in all its facets. It is her mission to empower leaders to adopt a Success Mindset to maximize their performance & impact, shatter their glass ceiling, embrace (their internal & external) diversity and show them to grow from Good to Great so they can do, achieve or overcome anything. With a Success Mindset, Failure is not an option!

Drs. Joyce Carols as your Executive Coach provides you as the Senior Leader in your organization with a confidential and neutral sounding board and sparring partner to discuss challenges and or opportunities in a safe environment, so you can grow your executive leadership position, self confidence, presence, staff, career, self awareness, team and company in the end.

As the founder and chair of KeyNote Europe’s Women’s Speakers, a non-profit with the aim to bring more diversity to the global stages, she dedicates a great deal of her time as volunteer to train & support the next generation of women speakers & encouraging Corporate Women to unleash their voice.

Substantial other volunteer hours go into mentoring the women of The Dutch Business Women, her Entrepreneur Empowering Group and mentoring Groups of Teenage Girls how to adopt a Success Mindset to grow their self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

Facing many adversities in life, barely surviving a near death experience, experiencing the diversity gap, the devastating negative behavior & #metoo situations of others/her bosses in her own global corporate/entrepreneurial career, at first hand, combined with her experience being a foster mother of two girls from different social & ethnic backgrounds, all fuel her determination to succeed in her mission.

On February 21st 1972 (when adopted) her life changed when she was moved from one world into another. Now she believes it time to change the world by her own movements, mission and actions while enjoying every minute of her life.