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Conveyancing Problems With Leaseholds

Overcome conveyancing problems with leasehold properties to get the best property deal.

Beginner Level
Created by Florence Wong
Last updated May 20, 2019
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Course Description

Overcoming issues with leasehold properties.

Are you a property developer looking to invest in leasehold properties?

There are many implications you will need to consider when acquiring a leasehold property and, in particular, problems can arise when the length of a lease approaches the eighty-year mark, making the property potentially unmortgageable and adversely affecting the property value.

In this course, Florence Wong, property developer and Wealth Dragons coach, outlines some of the issues property buyers face when acquiring leasehold properties. By using a real-life case study, where the property in question only had an eighty-four year lease remaining, Florence describes the issues that arose during the course of that project. She also explains who needed to be involved during the process of buying this property and how they managed to transform a potentially disastrous project into a highly lucrative investment deal.

Watch this essential course today to learn:

• Why it is so important to ensure a leasehold property has a long, remaining lease and what to do if the lease is approaching eighty years
• How to overcome issues associated with extending the lease on a property when you are the new owner
• The different parties and experts you need to engage with to ensure your property deal is executed successfully
• An interesting way to instantly add 30% value to your leasehold property that will amaze you!

For more information on Florence, visit www.wealthdragons.com.

Target audience:
• Property investors who want to understand more about the issues associated with leasehold properties.

About The Expert

Florence Wong

Let Your Property Set You Free!

Florence Wong is the Property Coach for Vincent Wong's Property Inner Circle, an International Speaker and Wealth Dragons trainer.

Florence originally trained at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she gained a Bachelor of Music Honours degree. Despite having worked for many years as a concert pianist, she decided to embark on her own property journey to success and since 2005, has supported her brother, Vincent Wong, in his business ventures, as well as overseeing the running and development of Vincent Wong's Property Inner Circle to what it is today. She continues to actively do property deals, liaising with thousands of motivated sellers and investors, as well as managing her own substantial property portfolio.

Florence has many years of experience in negotiating below market value (BMV) and Lease Option deals, which makes her the ideal property mentor. Her hundreds of students will testify how her hands-on approach has helped them to succeed on their own property journeys.

Florence is married with two children and lives in Milton Keynes. She is also a part-time YouTuber with her own channel called 'Flo In The City'.

For more information on Florence, visit www.wealthdragons.com.