Content Marketing
By Tony Messer

Learn the latest, content marketing strategies that will engage your audience and bring in more customers.

Beginner Level
Created by Tony Messer
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

12 E-classes
12 E-classes
Buyer Persona Customer Journey
Authority Content VS Conversion Content
Content For Authority
Content For Authority 2
Content Marketing Quiz Eclasses 1-4
Content Frameworks For Conversion
Content Overview
Repurposing Rescheduling Content
Content Marketing Quiz Eclasses 5-7
Letters Of Letters

Course Description

Content strategies for more leads and sales.

If you run a business, your ultimate objective is to raise your profile and find as many customers to buy as many of your products as possible. But how do these customers find out about your business in the first place? More often than not, it all starts with a search on Google.

Content marketing has transformed the way businesses interact and build relationships with their customers. Businesses now recognise the need to communicate with customers more often if they want to build brand loyalty. The ways of doing this have changed to such a degree that, what worked years ago, simply won't work now.

Today, it's the quality of the content you distribute that matters. Simply broadcasting your advertising messages over and over again is no longer sufficient – customers expect you to share stories, offer value and advice that is relevant and interesting, and position yourself as an expert in your field, in order for them to trust you to deliver the solutions to their problems.

Generating regular, good-quality content that links back to your website will improve your SEO, helping you to rank more highly on Google, as context, meaning and high-quality writing will not only have more chance of being read by customers, but will also be more likely to be picked up by search engines as a preferred ranking.

If you want to get into content marketing, but don't know where to start, Tony Messer is here to guide you. As the co-founder and CEO of the UK web hosting company, Pickaweb, he has worked with thousands of businesses, ecommerce retailers and startups, and is extremely well placed to advise on what it takes to grow an online business.

In this course, Tony will provide you with a simple, easy-to-understand framework that will help you create your own content marketing strategy to raise your profile, effectively engage your audience and convert them into paying customers. Once you have watched this course, you will be able to create a robust, content marketing plan that will enable you to stand out from the competition and position you as an expert in your field.

Watch this top-level and engaging course today to discover:

• Tony's simple, step-by-step strategies that will enable you to build a set of frameworks and master the art of content marketing
• How to determine your ideal customer so that you can reach them more effectively
• The different types of content that work the hardest to promote your business, and how and where to promote your content to the people that matter
• How to optimise your content and the three, main ways of promoting it to ensure it reaches a wider audience
• The benefits of repurposing and rescheduling your content so it continues to work hard to bring in leads for your business.

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Target audience:

• Marketers and website owners
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Bloggers and anyone who creates content for online use.

About The Mentor

Tony Messer

Helping businesses develop a powerful, long term and sustainable content strategy that supports their business objectives

Tony Messer is the co-founder and CEO of the UK web hosting company, Pickaweb. Having worked with thousands of businesses, ecommerce retailers and startups, Tony is extremely well placed to advise on what it takes to grow an online business.

Tony is based on London, UK, and has been the CEO of Pickaweb for over fifteen years.
Having graduated from the University of Teeside in 1995, with a degree in International Business and Information Technology, Tony began his career in Project Management, working for global companies such as Bull Information Systems and ICL Fujitsu where he was responsible for the negotiation and implementation of complex, international IT services contracts.

In 2002, Tony founded his own business, Pickaweb, a company that specialises in offering affordable web hosting, domain name registration and servers. Pickaweb offers clients everything they need to get their websites up and running, from shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated hosting.

Tony is a regular contributor to 'Entrepreneur' and the 'Business and Search Engine Journal'. He is passionate about Content Marketing and helping businesses to grow their online presence within highly competitive markets.

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