Business Skills 3
By Michael Dermer

More of the essential tools and techniques you need to start and grow a successful business.

Beginner Level
Created by Michael Dermer
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

20 E-classes
20 E-classes
The Basic Materials You Need
The Different Types Of Investments
Things That Hurt Your Chances
What Is Valuation
Why Investors Invest
What Is A Brand
Business Skills 3 Quiz Eclasses 1-6
Creating A Buyer Persona
Behaviours That Are Not Acceptable
Establishing Your Company Values
Everyone Sucks
Help People With Their Bucket List And Performance Follows
Hiring Is A Game And A Skill You Must Master
Business Skills 3 Quiz Eclasses 7-12
How To Attract Talent
How To Drive Trust Accountability And Candor
How To Use Outsourcing And Freelancers
Interveiwing Skills
Avoid These Deadly Sins
Business Skills 3 Eclasses 13-17

Course Description

Skills and techniques to start a business.

Are you an entrepreneur who is in the process of starting a new venture? Could you do with some advice about raising capital and hiring the right people to take your business forward? Have you thought about how you will be able to afford this talent, ensure that all of those essential tasks get done and who will be held accountable for them?

These questions and more are covered in this comprehensive course, which is the third installment in the series entitled 'Business Skills', by successful entrepreneur, coach and public speaker, Michael Dermer. You will learn all about raising capital to finance your business and how to value your business accurately, the importance of establishing a brand and values for your business and how to manage and motivate your team to get the very best out of them.

You will receive valuable advice and discover several options to attract the right talent to your business that will help you drive your business forward and achieve your objectives. Michael will also teach you some essential interviewing skills and explain why hiring is one of the most crucial skills an entrepreneur needs to master in order to build the ideal team.

Watch this essential course today to learn:

• The different forms of investment and exactly what you need to do to attract investors to your business
• The importance of establishing your brand and creating a buyer persona, so you can ensure your resources are used effectively to target the right customers
• How to determine your company values, vision and mission for your organisation and instill good habits and behaviours, by leading by example
• Skills and techniques to ensure you are asking the right questions during interviews to make informed, hiring decisions
• Valuable advice about outsourcing and using freelancers to bring additional capabilities into your business without the expense of hiring full-time employees.

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Target audience:
• Business owners and entrepreneurs
• Anyone who is starting a new business venture and needs some guidance.

About The Mentor

Michael Dermer

Information is everywhere. Intelligence is rare!

Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, coach, public speaker, lawyer and the founder / author of ‘The Lonely Entrepreneur’. He is considered to be one of the USA’s leading experts on healthcare rewards and incentives, and the founder of an entire industry that incentivises and rewards individuals for their healthy behaviour.

In 1998, Michael left a promising career as a lawyer to start his own business, IncentOne, which was the first company to provide rewards for healthy behaviour. At the time, rewards in healthcare were not only non-existent, they were even considered offensive!

Having survived with little, financial capital or external resources, IncentOne received a large, private equity investment in 2008. However, the financial crisis hit and Michael made the decision to sell IncentOne to industry innovator, Welltok. The result of this was not only a successful business that was credited with the creation and establishment of the health rewards industry, but the discovery of a unique method of thriving under the pressure, chaos and burden of being an entrepreneur.

With this development came the birth of The Lonely Entrepreneur, a single destination that helps entrepreneurs thrive under pressure by changing their perspective from those who stifle their progress to those that empower them.
Whether it is money, people, investors, communication, staying focused, basic management, culture, time management or negotiation, Michael firmly believes that the difference between success and failure is our perspective. His mission is to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide, by turning the passion and pressure we all feel into success.

Everyone has genius and, when you are an entrepreneur, you need that genius to emerge and shine. Michael finds the genius in everyone and brings it to life, helping people to achieve things they never imagined.

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